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Trademark and Trade Names

• Trademark • Trade name .

A trademark. For instance Syed Bhais Private Limited sells its products under the trademark “Syed Bhais” and logo “SB”. that is. is the sign that distinguishes the product of your company. however. Trade name is the full name of your business. a mark used to promote or brand goods) • ℠ (for an unregistered service mark. • ™ (for an unregistered trade mark.) Limited” and it identifies your company or firm. such as: “Syed Bhais (Pvt. a mark used to promote or brand services) • ® (for a registered trademark or service mark) .• A. A company may have various trademarks. that is.

CLASSIFICATION OF TRADEMARKS IN THE WORLD AND PAKISTAN • Different goods and services have been classified by the International (Nice) Classification of Goods and Services into 45 Trademark Classes • 1 to 34 cover goods. and 35 to 45 services • This is also known the Geneva classification .

.LAW AND LEGISLATION REGULATING TRADEMARK REGISTRY AND ANCILLARY MATTERS IN PAKISTAN • Trade Marks Registry (TMR) is premier body of Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPOPakistan) working for the registration of trade and services marks under the Trade Marks Ordinance. 2001 • It is a federal government body and its jurisdiction for trade and services marks lies within the geographical boundary of Pakistan • It works as a civil court and its decisions are appealable at the provincial high courts • The Trade Marks Registry is headed by a Registrar and its office is located in Karachi.

this section is divided into eight sub-sections. Each sub-section has been allocated specified number of classes of goods and services for examination • Journal Section – The TMR has maintained this section for the publication of its monthly magazine.Functions • Application Submission • Examination Sections (Eight) – Owing to a huge number of applications received. Trade Marks Journal • Opposition Section – Opposition Section deals with oppositions filed against a trade mark published in its Journal .

all subsequent changes. it need to be renewed for another 10 years • Record Section – To maintain a thorough inventory and the safe record of files the trade marks registry has maintained a record section . amendments.Functions Cont. • Registration Section – After the acceptance of mark for registration. transactions and related matters are looked after by the Post Registration Section • Renewal Section – A registered trade marks is valid for a time period of 10 years. this section informs the applicant/representative to submit a prescribed fee to get the registration certificate • Post Registration Section – After the registration of a mark. Afterwards.

• Administration/ HR / Accounts Section – The internal matters of the trade marks registry including human resource management. • IT Section – Automation. • Legal Section – This section handles all the Legal matters due in the court including appeals vis-à-vis the decision of the Registrar Trade Marks Registry.Functions Cont. and maintenance of IT infrastructure of Trade Marks Registry are taken care of by this section. office infrastructure and office accounts are looked after by this section. IT support. .