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God expects us to change for good.

2Co 3:18 Change happens 1st in the heart, then seen in our works. Change is something that presses us out of our comfort zone. When something moves from one situation, to another- change. Change helps us to enjoy the dynamics of the life. Change is working in a new direction- doing things in differently. People in one situation, tend to stay in that situation, unless they

have a reason to Change. Change is constant in life, If you don't change, you stand the risk of being extinct Without change agent- No change can be possible- Leadership is influence, Therefore, they are change agents to influence change.

the role of a Change Agent: is to bring about a pre-determined Change within the people. Have the task to -Make this happen! it is their responsibility to force, Cajole, steer, entice, motivate etc. the people to move towards a specific charted visions and dreams. We do really need a change of direction- Deut.1.6- = God say it time for change- time for change is time for progress.

RESISTANCE TO CHANGE: As mentioned early change is

hard and difficult, therefore, it is often resisted. Here are some reasons people resist change:
Misunderstanding. Resentment against the leader- ill feeling, aggrieved

feelings caused by a sense of having been badly treated. Lack of respect for leader. Lack of sense of ownership. Habitual Pattern- having established an attitude/habitrefusal to change pattern of doing thingsComfort zone / satisfactionWilderness mentality-that is how weve been doing itthough better. prov. 16.25, refusal to take responsibility.

Handling Resistance to Change: COMMUNICATION

Accept the fact people have the right to resist an

imposed change: people have the right to ask why? in response to any change. Resistance to imposed change is natural. Create an environment for communication about an impending change: In order to deal with resistance it is importance to understand what is causing it. If the channels of communication are closed then there is no hope of achieving any level of understanding. Provide a communications channel. Despite the proven understanding that safe communication is vital to the resolution of conflict, organizations ignore this wisdom.

Listen- to what they have to say

Respect - what they have to sayRespond - to what they have to say.

Communicate the advantages of this

choice.-the essence of the change, what benefits will it delivers? Not only to the organization but also the people affected by it?

Law of leadership: obeying and living out this laws will

followers accept your leadership and change programs

Law of

vision/dreams Law Reward Law of credibility-the ability to inspire belief or trust Law of communication Law of accountability Law of motivation- giving something to earn someones commitment to want to do something Law of problem solving Law of decision making

How leader do what they do: To carry out effective

change- the leader change agent must posses The innovative urge An above-average passion for principle High level of curiosity Display of maturity in handling failure and success.

Philip 3.13- David encourage himself- 1sam 30.6 Skill, diligence and dedication.- Dan 1.17, prov. 12.27;22.29; 27.23.
Practice - Keeps improving- 2Tim.2.15,


Key to implementing Effective change

Articulate the change program- vision/ dream Set long /shot term goals and give targets Communicate the change! Communicate the change! Identify the structure that need to changeMonitor and carry out appraisal at interval for restrategizing. Block wastage - it a catalyst to make change result obvious. Be involve in the whole process Pray! PRAY!! PRAY!!! PRAY!!!!