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Rotary International was formed on 23 feb,1905 by Paul P .Harris in Chichago. There are 33,000 Rotary Clubs in more than 200 countries The main objective is service-in the community, workplace and throughout the world.


The club was established in July 2007 Service to community is the principal goal of the club.


Principal Goals
Women welfare and empowerment Civic sense

Child education and upliftment Relief for the poor Spreading education

Environment protection including tree plantation Animal care Medical care

The funds are raised through planned events, corporate support and partnership of other charitable organization Its target has been on developing leadership in children from economically poor background The club has placed emphasis on working towards eradicating polio.

Solid waste management(SWM)

DEFINITION: Organic and inorganic waste materials produced by various activities of the society, which have lost their value to the first user.


Improper disposal practices Rapid urbanization and Industrialization Improper collection, transfer and transport system Gradual reduction in the availability of dumping ground and areas. Increasing rate of pollution in the environment. Receding rate of natural resources 4/25/12

Some SMW Practices

PSP in Surat


An outbreak of the bubonic plague in 1994 which resulted in shifting focus attention on public health and, in particular,


Private contractors have been engaged in road sweeping, garbage collection and transportation under a variety of arrangements. Sweeping is paid on the basis of square meter coverage, and the entire road surface must be swept. Garbage collection and transport is compensated on the basis of tonnage delivered to disposal sites, and a 4/25/12 maximum of 4 tons per load has been

Solid Waste Management in Singapore

The amount of solid waste generated in Singapore steadily increased over the years with increasing affluence and changing lifestyles. The total amount of waste collected in the year 2001 was 2.8 million tones with domestic refuse accounting for 49% of the refuse originated and non-domestic refuse from industrial premises and 4/25/12

Governmental Intervention and Measures in Singapore The Ministry of Environment is the main body in charge of formulating
environmental policies in Singapore. There are about 350 licensed private waste collectors in Singapore. Due to Singapores land scarcity problem, strict planning and building controls area also in effect to prevent Singapore from land use, 4/25/12 environmental, and transportations

Why the problem of solid waste management? compliance Reasons for non Area of compliance
Storage of waste at source

Segregation of recyclable waste Collection of waste from doorstep

Lack of public awareness, motivation and education Lack of civic sense and bad habits of people to litter Lack of cooperation from households, trade and commerce Lack of awareness and motivation Insufficient response from citizens Lack of nancial resources Excessive leave and absenteeism of sanitary workers Unavailability of workers on Sundays and public holidays Kuchha (unpaved) roads Lack of nancial resources Shortage of containers Lack of nancial resources Lack of planning for waste storage depots Inaccessible areas and narrow lanes that do not allow sufcient space for containers

Daily sweeping of streets