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Jeannine Du Chateau Implemented And Managed Kaizen Events

Jeannine Du Chateau is a dedicated technical professional and has

extensive experience working with many leading organizations. She

pursued her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI. She has exceptional technical knowledge, with proven ability to handle complicated Environmental, Health and Safety issues by providing

clear and effective communications. She was the member of the

Local Emergency Planning Commission, Mequon (1996 to 1998), Federation of Environmental Technologists- Milwaukee Chapter

(1996 to 2005), and Local Emergency Planning Commission,

Tallahassee, (2005 to 2007). Since 2007, she is also the member of American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Skills and competencies

Over the years, Jeannine Du Chateau gained expertise in a wide range of areas including Departmental/Professional Staff

Management, Certified Lead Auditor, Supplier Management and

Auditing, Policy and Procedure Development, Management of

Change Implementation, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma,

Implementation and Auditing of JSEA and PHA Programs, and the

implementation of Kaizen events. She has outstanding problem

solving skills, with an ability to evaluate a situation, identify practical options and implement the most appropriate solution, resulting into considerable cost savings.

Senior Technical Manager, DNV

Jeannine Du Chateau is currently working as Senior Technical Manager at DNV and manages qualified personnel as EHS subject

matter expert. She has served as Key Customer Manager with a

responsibility for developing business expansion strategies and managing service improvement initiatives. Apart from that, she was also responsible for remotely managing training staff in Atlanta office.

Jeannine Du Chateau has to her credit many accomplishments.
She developed and managed a team that won a $1.7 million private sector project. She also managed a Kaizen event on wire prep as

well as harness production which saved the company $53, 000 in

labor and equipment costs the first year. She led a team for the implementation and certification of ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001 programs for sixteen sites in the United States and Mexico.

Some awards Jeannine Du Chateau has received are Crystal Award for Environmental Excellence, Rockwell Automation (1999), Gathering of the Waters Award, Milwaukee Metro Sewerage District (1997), 5-Day Dock-to-Dock award at Motorola (1994), and Values in Action Award at CDM (2008).