“A Study Of Network Marketing Adopted By Phoenix Infra Estate International Pvt. Ltd.

Submitted by Deepankar Shende
Guidance by Dr. Malhar Kolhatkar Sir

INTRODUCTION • Real estate involves the purchase. • The investor lobby really believes in the project and they are investing heavily in all available and around MIHAN. residential and non-residential buildings. . sale and development of land. next only to agriculture. • Nagpur Real Estate has been under priced for a very long time and this boom has corrected the property prices at Nagpur and has brought it into the level of mini metros. being the second largest employer. • Real estate is a major employment driver.

• To ensure optimum utilization of the infrastructure.INTRODUCTION • Nagpur would be developed as a cargo hub which would be made economically viable. • Spurred on by the Multi-modal International Hub Airport at Nagpur. Nagpur is turning hungry for commercial and residential spaces. . which connects to MIHAN. it would also be upgraded as an international passenger hub. • Most investors have bought land in and around Wardha Road.

• To find out the exact customer demand for the property. • To study the market share comparatively with other companies. • To seek the class of people who prefers luxury houses. • To study the effectiveness of network marketing channel. • To study the promotional tools adopted by the company. • To know at which geographical segment the potential customer exists.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY • To study the sales growth of property in Nagpur. . • To know the customer profile. • To study the after sales service offered by the company.

tourism. Vijay Gautam (director) Products: 18 project in India Services: real estate industry Revenue: 8 billion. Ahmed Jiwani (director). Jitesh Nashine (Chairman). Total assets: 14.phoenixinfra. Mr. Area served: India. Key people: Mr. Mr. Founded: Nagpur (12th September 2005) Headquarters: Nagpur India Number of locations: 21 branches in 12 cities. Employees: 1200 Subsidiaries: organic trader & farming.1billion. youth forum.2 billion. agricultural university. print & media.com . Website: www. Profit: 2.COMPANY PROFILE • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Type: private company Industry: real estate and infrastructure development.


Acceptable Forms Of Real Estate • • • • • • • • Residential properties Land/agriculture Rental houses Apartment buildings Shopping centres Warehouses Office buildings Vacation homes .

SEGMENTATION OF PRODUCTS • Offices – IT SEZ’s – IT parks – Built to suit complexes • • • • • • • • • • Homes Premium homes Luxury homes Super luxury homes Commercial complexes Retail SEZ’s hotel infrastructure leisure .

Ltd. Phoenix Infra Estate International Pvt. has its unique marketing style.Marketing Strategy Of Phoenix Infra • phoenix infra introduced an effective & strong Marketing Strategy called “21st Phoenix Support System". . which is based on the principles of network marketing. • “21st Phoenix Support System" is the real key factor between Company and Investors.

referral marketing and pyramidal marketing strategy which makes it far effective and one of the success reason behind company’s speedy growth. secure & proper information about advantage & benefits of investment.Marketing Strategy Of Phoenix Infra • “21st Phoenix Support System" is based on network marketing scheme. • Advisors motivate the customers by giving them safe. .

• In network marketing the customers acting as an independent agents/distributors/network marketers/independent consultants on behalf of the company for selling the products. • It refers to the use of interpersonal or social networks to the market products and services for business purpose.What Is Network Marketing? • Network may be defined as a distribution channel/sales method where in the manufacturer directly sales to the customer. .

Network Marketing Operating Process .

H1: there can be moderate demand for the luxurious property in the market. • • • . Ltd H0: there is high rate of competitions in the real estate industry. House has become the average need of the society so to accomplish this need a phenomenal growth has been observed in this sector. Where customer just don’t go for a property but an abode which satisfy their mind with new facilities. H1: there is moderate rate of competition in the real estate industry. H0: Due to the growing basic needs of the common people. H0: there can be high demand for the luxurious property in the market. property in their budget. That the network marketing strategy is effectively adopted by phoenix infra estate international Pvt. it has been observed that there is tremendous rise in increase in the real estate industry.ltd. Is increasing per year.HYPOTHESIS • • • • That the growth rate of phoenix infra estate international Pvt.

• Definition: Research is the process which uses procedures. methods and techniques that have been tested for their validity and reliability. in the way we find answers: the process must meet certain requirements to be called research. it is a way of thinking: examining critically the various aspects of your professional work.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY • Research is undertaken in all professions. . It is a way of examining the practice. • The difference between research and non-research activity is.

. For a research journey there are two important decisions to make.  How to go about finding their answers. as follows: What you want to find out (about) or what research questions (problems) you want to find answers to.THE RESEARCH PROCESS The research process is similar to undertaking a journey.

Conclusion • The Real estate industry is experiencing a dramatic transformation that will forever alter the way both in basic and luxury homes and properties are marketed and sold. As consumers change their taste for comfort and luxury. improving margins and deal transparency programs . • As the real estate industry becomes increasingly sophisticated dealers are looking outward for assistance in increasing new property sales.

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