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A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of these, used to identify the products goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of the competitors. Companys promise to deliver the same bundle of benefits/services consistently to buyers.

Verbal component of a brand. Part of a brand which can be spoken.

Part of a brand which can be recognized such as symbol, design or color scheme.

A brand or part of a brand that is given legal protection. Protect sellers exclusive rights to use the brand name or brand mark. Symbol -

A process of stamping a product with some identifying name or mark or combination of both. Giving a distinct individuality to a product.

The process of maintaining, improving, and upholding a brand so that the name is associated with positive results. Involves important aspects such as cost, customer satisfaction, in-store presentation, and competition. Focuses directly on the brand. Favorable to customers.

Easy to pronounce Easy to remember Easy to recognize Attract attention Suggest products benefits and qualities Distinctive and unique Appropriate and suitable to the product Capable of being registered and protected legally Suggest the company or product image

Physical goods snacks, coffee, salt, fruits, vegetables, water, etc.

Services Airlines, Banking services, etc. Retailers and distributors Big-Bazaar, Wal-Mart, private or store

On-line product and services google, e-bay, etc. People and Organizations Russell Peters, Manish Malhotra

Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Cricket (IPL), PVR

Geographic Locations Gujarat, Goa Ideas and Causes Red Cross Society, Helpage India

Brand really matters for both manufacturer and consumer. To Manufacturers Product Differentiation Helps in Advertising and Display Programmes Differential Pricing Ease in Introduction of new product Protection Goodwill Ease of Sale

Product Identification Ensures Quality Status Symbol Psychological Satisfaction Easy to Shop Uniform Price Packaging

Brand Names
Essential Rightly chosen Creates an image in the minds of the consumer.

Brand Awareness
Consumers should be familiar about the availability of the product. Helps to choose, pronounce and recognize.

Brand Association
Associates the brand with the specific product i.e. brand recognition and brand recall Communicates meaning to the consumers than just the product

Also known as domain names URLs must be registered and paid for the name with a service Unsecured URLs lead to unauthorized use of the brand names Eg

Logos and Symbols

Literal representations of the brand name Enhance brand awareness Eg strong word marks (kitkat,volkswagon) non- word marks logos are called as symbols. (Volkswagen logo)

Play a central role in advertising Can be animated as well as live - action figures Creates brand awareness

Short phrases that communicate descriptive information about the brand. Helps in advertising Creates brand awareness and image

If you don't have an iphone well you don't have an iphone.

Step 1. Develop a vision for the brand

Broad statement of what the brand aspires to be. Should take a long-term perspective Must be original, motivational and inspiring

Brands are multidimensional and carries number of images and associations in the minds of the company and customers.
Differentiates it from those of competitors.

Helps in identifying likely prospects.

Brand must have certain characteristics with which people can identify. It has to have its own personality, its own character.

Brand represents a set of functional benefits in the minds of the prospects.

Branding team must clearly articulate the set of benefits - the value - that it represents to customers.

As strong brands also carry with them a set of emotional associations.

Brand must represent a particular set of values.

If the company successfully articulates the values that brand represents, then there is a better chance of getting customers to associate the values of the brand with their own values. Value definition can create long-term bonds between the brand and the target customers.

Brand identity Creating a distinguished product with unique characteristics. Aggregation of what all an organization does. It is an organizations mission, personality, promise to the consumers and competitive advantages. Brand Vision The vision for a brand consists of a broad statement of what the brand aspires to be. Clean articulation of strategic, financial and brand goals that management has created for the brand.

Brand positioning location of a brand in relation to its competitors in consumers mind Eg Colgate sensitive (protection of gums) Brand personality The way a brand speaks and behaves. Assigning human personality traits/characteristics to a brand so as to achieve differentiation. Eg- Apple product (innovative, stylish, easy going)

Brand Awareness Consumers should be familiar about the availability of the product Helps to choose, pronounce and recognize

Brand Equity Also known as brand value Value and strength of the brand that decides its worth Intangible asset that has psychological and financial value to the firm. Eg - Google

Brand extension When a firm uses an established brand name to launch a new product. Existing brand becomes parent brand. Eg Wipro was originally into computers has extended into shampoo, powder, and soap.