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By George Robinson

Before the trailer starts we see a famous film studio logo 20th Century Fox. This image lets audiences know that it is a big blockbuster and also encourages audiences to see the film as 20 century fox has made a lot of great films such as Titanic and Avatar etc.

The soundtrack starts off fairly slow paced and includes multiple sounds made by a base guitar. The increase of this sound create suspense and unease due to highly peculiar sounds created by the electronic string instrument. The absence of diegetic sounds creates an initialising sense of mystery and anxiety for the audience.

The beginning of the trailer starts of with a title shot, which includes a completely black background and clear white writing. The writing says, Before he was professor X, this title immediately lets the audience know that this film is about the X-MEN as Professor is a very well known X-Men character. After the title shot we see shots from previous X-Men films which also makes it easier for the audience if they did not now who Professor X is. The music at this point is still fairly slow and the sounds produced by the base guitar are still active.

We then see a mid-shot of one of the main characters in the film Charles Xavier a.k.a professor X. The character is made to look like a good guy form his innocent facial expressions and his overall aesthetics. The mise-en-scene in the background of this shot also helps to show the audience that the main protagonist is good from the pretty countryside behind him. After this mid shot, we see another title that has been faded into the mid shot saying He was Charles.

The next title shot we see is in the same black background with white writing. Before he was magneto. After this title shot we see another mid-shot of Erik Lenshur a.k.a Magneto. This mid shot is different than Charles as it is in the day and also has an innocent expression on his face. Eriks however, is at night and is in a very dark room with a angry expression on his face. This shows that one character is good and the other is bad and evil. These differences represents these characters upbringing. Charles Xavier is brought up in a rich family and Erik Lenshurr was brought up in a Nazi concentration camp. The trailer immediately introduces the main characters to the audience from the start.

The trailer then shows the Marvel logo which is very typical of all Marvel films. Marvel films is about superheros and this immediately lets the audience know that this is a superhero movie. Marvel films have made some very good movies so this gives the audience the impression that this movie will be good also.

During the start of the trailer the tempo is fairly slow and mainly contains close-up shots of the characters in the film. In this mid-shot we see the two main characters in the film Charles Xavier and Erik Lensurr. The mid shot is used as it shows in the background with the security guard. This shows that there will be crime an action due to the guns the security guards are holding.

An establishing shot is used to here facilitating the building for the audience. This lets the audience know that this building is of importance in the film. The shot pans around the building to further accentuate the buildings size to the audience.

A mid shot of the television is used to inform the audience of the time of which this film takes place. The film is set in the time of 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The television shows what appears to be a politician addressing the people. This shall be the policy of this nation, to regard any nuclear missile, launched from Cuba against any nation in the western hemisphere, as an attack by the Soviet Union.

We then see a reaction shot of the main characters in the film. The mid shot of the characters is primarily used to show their body posture and facial expressions to the news on the television. Their costumes are similar which suggest they are on the same side or perhaps a team of some sought.

The sound of the music immediately draws to a silence and the non-diegetic sound of the television remains. This creates emphasis to these particular characters and to what the person on the television is saying. It creates a sense of Anxiety for the audience as they will want to find out who these characters are.

This title shot is added to make the audience aware of the release date. There is a black background with a very bold and bright white font, which makes it easy for the audience to see. It is important for trailers to have release dates somewhere in the trailer as its lets your audience know when the film is to be released. The next shot in the trailer sees a woman in what appears to be in captivity. The camera zooms out showing two men watching her behind glass. The lighting in the shot highlight the woman as being of importance in the film and the her body position e.g. leant back with her legs crossed give the audience the impression that she is used to being in prison.

The music at this point increases in tempo creating suspense and the speed of shots increase as well. Less sounds of the base guitar are used and more sounds of an acoustic guitar which adds to the pace of the trailer. The cinematography increases with the music and we start to see quick close up and mid shots of the mutants. This particular shot below shows a girl who has wings. The fact that we cannot see her face creates a sense of mystery.

A mid shot is used here again to show another mutant. The mise-enscene in this shot shows that this person is smart as he is wearing glasses and a simple shirt. This shot is very quick to maintain the suspense and tension for the audience. The soundtrack remains at its pace which keeps the tension and suspense.

The third mutant shot is a mid-shot which shows another mutant. The mid shot shows the audience his facial expressions and also body language. The characters appears to have a bad side and the use of lighting help accentuate this. Each characters appearance is different to suggests they have different mutant powers.

Another mid-shot is used and shows another mut

1 minute and 50 seconds 62 Total shots and 10 title shots

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