Internal Guide: Dr. Ajit Danti, Director, JNNCE

Presented by: DISHA ML MCA 6th sem (4JN09MCA19)
External Guide: Mr. Harish Nagaraj

Agenda: Company Profile Problem Statement Requirement Analysis Class Diagram Context Diagram Data Flow Diagram ER Diagram Database Structure Screen Shots .

 This provides Services on Accounting Process Outsourcing company offering technologically advanced professional services such as Accounting Process.  Currently They are Providing the Services for Parish-3 process and west Minister Process of UK.Company Profile:  Mr. along with Business Analysis for clients. Suresh are the Manager and the Founder of Sreevatsa Technologies Private Limited respectively in Shimoga. Ramnarayan and Mr. .

Subbaiah Complex.Contd… Service Portfolio  Accounting Outsourcing Services: S V TPL provides a wide range of accounting and financial outsourcing solutions to small businesses.  Litigation Support Services: SVTPL provides the attorneys and the law firms “Logical Document Determination (LDD)” and “Litigation Support Coding (LS Coding)” services Location: Sree Vatsa Technologies Vadiraja Complex. Ambedkar Veedi SHIVAMOGGA .577 204 .Opp. Dr.

team on daily. .Problem Statement:  This application is designed to help SVTPL capture production. productivity and quality data from the daily production. The end use of this system is to provide information to on the performance metrics such as production. weekly and monthly basis. productivity and quality for each operator.

The re-keying by a Quality Checking people will discover the majority of these errors.  Functional Requirement: Admin Will download and Allocate the Image files to every Employees. . they will analyze properly what the data is. An Employee keys the data from image files to the database through this application. Hence the Image files are the input. While keying. The majority of data processing errors occur at the data entry stage and the majority of those errors can be attributed to misreading or miskeying the input.Requirement Analysis:  Stake holders: Employees and the Administrator.

.  Organizational requirement: Accuracy is the important factor in this application and is possible to Maximize the Productivity .  Nonfunctional requirement: The Performance matrics of the Employees has to be identified based on the time taken to enter a single record.Contd.

Hardware and Software Requirements:  Hardware Requirements:Processor : Pentium 4 RAM : 512 MB Hard Disk : 40 GB  Software Requirements:IDE : Visual Studio 2008 Technology : VB.Net Language : C-Sharp Back End : SQL Server 2005 .

Class Diagram: .

Context Diagram: .





DB Structure: .

Pause the timer Employee name Time taken to enter a single record .

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