Airwide International

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• Product included Air conditioning chillers. England • Airwide was the one of the top suppliers of commercial and resedential AC in europe • It’s also automobile systems to export oriented OEM’s.Introduction • Airwide is big AC producer co. terminal devices and other controls • Airwide is in also Energy efficient system and filtered air system . in Europe • Based in York. Air handlers.

Italy. Finland. Spain. Ireland . Sweden ) > Eastern Europe ( Poland. Hungary. Greece) > Scandinavia ( Denmark.Contd… • Airwide had more than 3000 employees across 25 locations in 10 countries of Europe. Romania. Hungary. England. Norway.Scotland) > Western Europe( Germany. • Airwide has 9 Manufacturing locations such as Poland. Bulgaria) . Czech Republic etc • Organisation Structure Divided into 4 Division > United Kingdom ( England.

Split and tube .e. • Windows System:> Longest Serving Air conditioning types > Cooling capacity 5000 to 30000 BTU’s > Higher the BTU’s long area under cooling Portable Units:> The units are movable from one place to another > Cooling capacity 6000 to 60000 BTU’s > It comes into two types i.Airwide Product Line • Airwide has 4 product line such as Windows. portable. and Multizone Split. split.

> Main market is commercial buildings and large residential units. . inside unit and outside unit > Condensid part placed outside and evaporating unit is placed inside Multizone Split system:> In this unit a single outdoor unit can connect multiple indoor units of different sizes and operated separately by remote control.e.• Split System:> Unit Come in two parts i.

• 75 different companies are working such industry. Portugal. Spain. • Competition through aggressive pricing and breadth of product line targeting low end system. . • Number of competitor in European market was higher in split and multisplit market.Competitive Environment • In Europe according to survey AC market was centered on the warmer regions of southern Europe such as Italy. • Now a days there are declining in growth of AC market • The big market of Italy have only 12% of homes have AC and just 11% in Spain.

theatres. • Not only IT but also restaurants. changing climatic conditions affect the growth of AC industry.Change In Market Condition • In decade of 2000 Airwide was not market leader but was leading competitor. • The growth of IT enable thousand of entrepreneurs to set up companies in Europe. etc also started use of AC . • The other factors such as increasing in Income level of people. shopping malls. • The dot com bubble had been one of the drivers of growth during last years of 20th century. . increasing population.

• Due to such situation Airwide sales come down. . Aiwide’s largest market it come down by 16%.• But at the end of 20th century the dot com bubble burst because of unrealistic expectation of growth from such sector. • Airwide sales comedown by 7% in 2000 as compare to its peak in 1998. • In Italy.

. or architectures or consulting persons to promote their product. there were 45 total CSO’s through out Europe. • He can also handle other product lines of other companies but not same product line of competitive co. • CSO’s deal with property agents.Distribution Model • Distribution through broad network according to wide geographical areas • Its supported by CSO’s. • Airwide master distributor had exclusive agreement with product lines and territories.

• The distributor and sales force had mutual understanding that they are working for big company to improve their business.• Distributor supported by sales team and technician also. . climate Europe is big challenge for business. • Sales representative helps the master distributor to increase business but not allowed to go in daily business. • Multiple countries with different cultures.

• They served in small market area’s with strong market industrial or commercial pockets. they are few in numbers and existed only in Italy. • The dealer are different part in channel.Channel Conflict • The distribution network divided into four parts. Spain. • In each part there are Master distributor and local dealer. • The dealers are very traditional in market. and France. .

• Both want to capture all market solely • The contract between Dealer and Co on the basis of mutual trust and relations. • Due to personal relation with customer dealer can able to deliver good service rather than MD. sales force but dealer was just intermediate who had only relations with customers.• The relation between Master distributor and Dealer were not so good. . • The master distributors are equipped with technician.

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