Group 4

Brand Name Mother Horlicks Mama ProtinX GRD Smart

Company name GlaxoSmithKline Wochhardt Zydus Nutriva

Manufactured at Sonipat Punjab Cadila Healthcare Ltd, Ahemdabad Chennai

MRP Rs. 200 for 500 g Rs. 100 for 200 g Rs. 180 for 200 g Rs. 198 for 200 g

Packaging Plastic Jar Tin Plastic

Eva Care

Hexagon Nutrition Pvt. Ltd

Rs.164 for 200 g


Identify any unique marketing strategies of any company?

Unification Strategy

Unify all the products together so that a consumer doesn‟t identify different products as coming from different brands. It is a way to reinforce the brand name – Horlicks in the minds of all the consumers across all product categories. The „Wave‟ on the packaging shows the „activity‟ of a person.

The visual of milk and wheat shows the nourishing capabilities of Horlicks.
Blue and orange colours have been part of the Horlicks family for many years and strongly help to identify the brand. The new logo also plays a role in reinforcing the trust and equity of the brand among the consumers.

If MRP difference between the highest and lowest is >20%, please provide possible reasons how companies with products at higher prices are able to sustain sales?



Spec rationalization

Leveraging the supply chain



‘Wave’ The visual of milk and wheat Blue and orange colours

Packaging in a plastic jar instead of a glass bottle. A uniform size and shape for all bottles.

New design would also be able to act as a strong base for GSK to launch its new brands or sub brands

The Packaging is done in different in different plants spread across various states to save transportation costs

Powder is transported in bulk, bottled and packaged and supplied to the distributors .

It created a second layer of distributors in the smaller towns to supplement the existing chain of around 500 big distributors.

Attractive packaging and various flavours. “Taller Stronger Sharper” campaign.

Positioning and repositioning

Advertisement and distribution network.

Vending Machines via Nutritional Food Services Division

Horlicks edges over new Bournvita ++ with their slogan “Exams ka booth bhagao”.

Horlicks evolved from a malted dairy drink to an energy drink that was nutritionally fortified with essential vitamins and minerals
Horlicks immediately expanded their advertising, trade promotions and medical promotions. Horlicks acquired Maltova (February 2000) and expanded its market share before Nestle get hold of it.

Horlicks roped in Grand Master Vishwanathan Anand to promote Horlicks as an all round health drink.

Horlicks formulated DHA (Decosahexaenoic Acid) for brain development which got recommendation from the World Health organization

Long line of flavours like elichi, vanilla, chocolate and toffee and the jingle “epang, opang, jhapang”, epang for iron, opang for vitamin c and jhapang for vitamin d.

Capture the rural market, they achieved this through HUT activities (advertisement campaigns ), promotional shows (magic shows)

Expanding its distribution network

ASHA PROJECT , this project is a new innovation by Horlicks and is acknowledge by the company‟s key competitor and this product is priced at 40% less than the main stream brand


Products: Brand Name


Manufacture MRP d at


Digene Syrup

Abbott India Ltd


Rs. 56

Plastic Bottles

Tricane MPS Gel

RPG Life Science

Ankleshwar, Gujrat

Rs. 58

Plastic Bottles

Ulgel Syrup Aciloc-S Suspension

Alembic India Ltd.

Baddi, Solan, Rs. 52 HP Rs. 60

Plastic Bottles Plastic Bottles

Cadila Ahemdabad, Pharmaceutical Gujrat s Ltd Troikaa Ahemdabad, Pharmaceutical Gujrat s Ltd.

Qulanta Suspension

Rs. 53

Plastic Bottles

Marketing Strategies

Cost Reduction Measures

Converted to OTC product Packaging

Converted to plastic bottles

• No.1 Doctor Prescribed Antacid •Digene is the largest - selling antacid in the country and has been associated with various antacid therapy, viz.: antiflatulent activity, coating protection etc. • It won the ‘Best Packaging’ award from the Indian

Institute of Packaging.
• Selected among the top ten health brands by Synovate,

an independent research agency

• Introduction of variants and new flavors. • Innovation in previous product e.g. coating protection. • Brand marketing. • Attractive packaging • Rejuvenation of the existing product e.g. Diagene Fastmelt.

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