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Duodenal Stump Leakage

Presented by Ri Supervisor: Dr 02/24/2003


Duodenal stump: the portion of the duodenum not removed Leakage is the life threatening complication of Billroth II reconstruction Incidence: 1%~4% Mortality rate: < 5% currently

Billroth II Gastroenterostomy

Indications: acute perforation, massive hemorrhage Procedures:

Bilateral truncal vagotomy Hemigastrectomy Gastrojejunostomy

Figure of Billroth II

Causes of Duodenal Stump Leakage

Deep ulcer at posterior wall of duodenum Excessive use of suture Localized infection and sepsis Post-operative pancreatitis Obstruction of the afferent loop Parasites infection: very rare
Magyar Sebeszet, 53(1):25-6, 2000 Feb 5



Pain High fever and shock Mild pain, fever, leukocytosis Jaundice

Several days later


Echo-guided aspiration CT-guided aspiration 99mTC-labeled HIDA scan

Medical Prevention

Sandostatin: long-acting analogue of

somatostatin Decrease the excretory function of liver, pancreas, and stomach Lowering of intracavitary pressure of duodenal stump Earlier closure of fistula
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Surgical Prevention-Nissens closure

The American Journal of Surgery, 162: 522-6, 1991

Surgical Prevention-Bancrofts closure

The American Journal of Surgery, 162:522-6, 1991


Surgical Prevention-Duodenostomy


Managements of Stump Leakage

Closing leaks primarily is uncommon Goals:

Create a controlled fistula to the skin Prevent stimulation of biliary and pancreatic secretions by food/chyme passing through the stomach


Methods of Management

Prompt and adequate closed-suction drainage of RUQ

Percutaneous radiologist-guided approach Operative drainage

NG tube decompression Feeding with jejunostomy Board-spectrum antibiotics


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