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Strategic Technology ManagementIndian Railways

SML - 701 Submitted to:Prof(Dr.) Sushil

Sunil joshi Aishwarya Kumar Tiwari Rajnish jain

Department of Management Studies Vishwakarma Bhawan, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India April 2012

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Way To Go..

About Indian Railways Services Indian Railways Strategic and Operational Target IT Strategy of Indian Railways Strategically Important IT Application for IR Customer Centric Operational Efficiency Real Time Information IR Technology Portfolio Control Office Application Conclusion Reference

Indian Railways
Fourth Largest Railway Networks after USA,Russia and China

Track Route Stations

65000 Km


No of Passenger 30 Million Passenger and Freight (Daily) 2.8 million tons Frieght Wagons and Coaches Employee 240000 Wagons 60000 Coaches 9000 Locomotives

More than 14 lakhs

Services-Indian Railways

Freight Services
Optimize scheduling algorithms Provide niche freight carrying capabilities with specialized service Dedicated freight Corridor Use of RFID for Wagon/Parcel tracking

Passenger Services
Be the cheapest transport mode compete with road transport . Increase number of Trains and capacity of trains. Increase scheduling efficiency and train operations management Investment to increase number of tracks involve private sector

Strategic and Operational Target

Develop more and More Customer centric Application. Technology to Increase Operational Efficiency. Revenue/margin maximization. Productivity maximization.

Anti Collision System for safety of Passengers life.

IR-Technology Strategy

Technology should cross boundries of railway organization and go into the domain of the customer. Implementation of decision support systems .

Use of Internet, mobile phones, hand held terminals etc as a strategic tool for serving customers. Manage continuous improvement in Technology.

IR-Technology Portfolio
Area Integration Planning Business Intelligence Indian Railways Portal GIS System for IR Business Intelligence and Data warehouse Customer Care Services(139) Tickets Over Real Time Train Mobiles/Internet Tracking System /ATVMs SATSaNG Application

Customer Centric PRS UTS Safety and Security Anticollision System IPSec Over UTN Crew Freight Operation management Information System System

Operation Asset Management



Parcel Management System Track Management System


Wagon Track and Trace using RFID



Business Support Human Resource E-Procurement System Management System System AIMS Data Capture Handheld terminal RFID Reader Data Logger PDA

Strategically Important IT Application for IR

Customer Centric Application

Passenger Reservation System Unreserved Ticketing Application ATVMs Tickets Over Mobile Phones and Internet

Operational Efficiency
Control Office Application Crew Management System Freight Operation Information System Wagon Track using RFID. Parcel Luggage tracking Online

Strategically Important IT Application for IR

Real Time System

Proposed Real time System. Automatic Train Tracking. GPS based. Will provide real time information on train movement. Will helps in maintaining punctuality. Will helps in safety enhancements. Act as an automatic feeding ,will provide more time to controller which is today act as a data entry operator.

Control Office Application

COA is a distributed system currently operational in 77 divisions with each division having its own server. All divisional server connected through a Central Application Server at CRIS DC for data communication between divisions and data exchange with any other application. Main events captured through COA include:
Train ordering Train Arrival Train Departure Diversion/Re routing/Termination Caution order Advance Plotting Maintenance blocks


COA-Integration with Other Application

COA-Gains for Section Controller

Removes drudgery of the manual system of drawing control charts with various colour pencils All details of trains running in a section is available which helps to take more informed decisions quickly Quick reference tools such as Blocks, cautions, loco details, crew details, stabled/regulated trains and siding position reduces retrieval time of information Alerts aids for such as crew more than stipulated hours on run etc. to help controller for planning Reduces time taken for shift change


COA-Gains for Section Controller

Forecasting tools for helping section controller to plan the train movements

All trains coming from all directions visible to the section controller along with current status (Station and time) thus improving coordination Facility to record unusual, abnormal incidents /accidents and reasons for detention of trains enabling better analysis Group SMS facility to inform all concerned regarding accidents/incidents in a fraction of time rather calling on the phone individually

Some Move that Made this Possible

Single agency to coordinate across IR Divisions for IT systems-CRIS Provide access to data from all IR Divisions for strategic decision making Develop in-house competencies for core IT needs Establishment of Customer care centers(139 Services)


Technology Strategy is key to the future growth for Indian railways to cut down it operating cost. Customer oriented application like UTS helps railway a lot; like no need to carry and manage a huge numbers of already printed card tickets. Ease of maintain ticket sales records etc. Operational system like CMS,COA transform the day to day working of railways to provide more transparency and throughput. With use of Latest IT solution like Real time train tracking safety ,transparency, information to public can be enhanced. Last minute ticket available information can be available to the customers in need ,and the miss practice can be also eliminated at the same time.