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Measurement Sites and Test Border

12/13 - Sites in Istanbul ASIA 16/22 - Sites in Istanbul EUROPE

Equipment Details (TRANSMITTER)

Equipment: LS Elektronik AB

TRANSMITTERS : Transmitter frequencies: E-GSM: 925.200959.800 / 2110.0-2170.0 MHz Transmitter channels:E-GSM: 0-124 and 9751023 / 10550 - 10850 Frequency accuracy: <1.0 kHz (0-50 degrees Celsius) Frequency drift: <1.0 kHz / year Transmitter power: Settable in the range 0.5 to TX ANTENNAS: 15 Watts. Omni directional Antennas Spurious and harmonics: < -50dBc GSM 890-960 Mhz / 5 dBi Power:level stability: 0.5 dB Antenna Gain UMTS meter accuracy: 0.3 dB Power : 2110-2170 Mhz / 8 dBi Antenna Gain Output impedance: 50 ohm Output connector: type N TX FEEDERS: 8 meters feeder coax cable (RG 214 type) GSM : 2 dB approx feeder loss for 8m UMTS : 4 dB approx feeder loss for 8m

Equipment Details (RECEIVER)

Equipment: LS Elektronik AB

GPS with gyro unit for dead reckoning navigation

RECEIVERS: 1-27 channels can be selected for scanning measurement Sampling can be controlled by distance traveled or by time Spectrum analyzer mode Support odometer, that supplies distance information to the DR GPS and the receiver sampling control Noise floor <-118dBm Frequency accuracy <1ppm RX ANTENNAS: Accuracy over temp range <0.7dB GSM: 0 dBd Antenna gain / 1.8 Accuracy over frequency loss <0.4dB dB cable band Accuracy over level rangedBd Antenna gain / UMTS: 0 <0.4dB Total accuracy <1.5dB cable loss 2.9 dB

* Recorded levels were compensated with Antenna ODOMETER: gain and cable loss. The Odometer Sensor s intended for use with the test measurement receiver to generate distance pulses while the car is moving. These pulses are used to calculate the sampling points for the

Measurement Details
Measurement & Sampling:
Using Lee Criteria to remove fading (averaged 50 samples over 40 - Lambda) 50 samples in dBm values are added and after 50 values have been collected the averaged signal strength will be calculated and the record is stored at 40L distance. GSM 900 MHz : Wavelength 0.3331 m 40 Lambda 12,75 m (Record Distance) Scan Distance 25 cm ( 40 Lambda/51 samples) UMTS 2100 MHz: Wavelength 0.1428 m 40 Lambda 5.6 m (Record Distance) Scan Distance 11 cm ( 40 Lambda/51 samples) GPS Receiver: Delivers coordinates once every second (approx every 10 m with speed of 36 km/h)

Measured Frequency:
GSM 900 MHz : CH=111 UMTS 2100 MHz: UARFCN=10712

Measurement_1 : B18_Sarigazi (Site Location & Test Border)

Measurement_1 : B18_Sarigazi (Driven roads & Clutters)

Measurement_1 : B18_Sarigazi (Signal Strength of GSM_CH=111)

Measurement_1 : B18_Sarigazi (Signal Strength of UMTS_UARFCN=10712)