Forward Type Switched Mode Power Supply

Basic Topology of Forward Converter .

• • The transformer used in the circuit is assumed to be ideal requiring no magnetizing current. having no leakage inductance and no losses. . • • For the simplified steady-state analysis of the circuit the switch duty ratio (δ) is assumed constant. • • The input and output dc voltages are assumed to be constant and ripplefree. Current through the filter inductor (L) is assumed to be continuous.The following simplifying assumptions are made before proceeding to the detailed mode-wise analysis of the circuit: • • ON state voltage drops of switches and diodes are neglected. inductors and capacitors are assumed loss-less. • • The filter circuit elements like.

Mode-1 of Circuit Operation Current path during Mode-1 .

Equivalent circuit in Mode-1 .

Current path during Mode-2 .

Equivalent circuit in Mode-2 .


Circuit Topology for practical Forward Converter .

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