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CRM in the new, New Economy

Success Factors

Total customer focus Business processes and customer interactions

Interaction capabilities
Closed loop support Value chain optimization for increased customization and loyalty

CRM Interaction Cycle

Putting the customer at the center of your business
Engaging with the customer

Identifying and approaching potential buyers Customers seeking contact and information

Transacting with the customer

Closing contracts and orders Configuring and checking availability

Fulfilling the promise to the customer

Production and subcontracting Delivery of service or product Order and delivery tracking

Servicing the customers ongoing needs

After sales care Customer self service

mySAP CRM - The Complete Solution




Internet Sales & Service Telephone Callers Workplace Users

mySAP CRM Component Integration

CRM Server
Server Applications

R/3 System

Mobile Clients

Interaction Center Marketing Internet Sales Basic Elements IMG

Middleware Basis


Comm Station

Other Systems

Basic Elements Involved in CRM Processes

Business Partner Product Org Model Interactions Campaigns

Provide a consistent picture of your Business Partners to all employees involved in CRM activities

Access information on your products and product catalogs used in CRM processes

Manage your CRM Organizational Model exactly the way you set up your organization

Manage customer interactions, (sales orders, activities and opportunities ) and provide a complete picture of the CRM relationship history

Plan marketing campaigns and execute them through different channels, (E-Mail, Telephone, or Sales Force)

Marketing Capabilities with SAP CRM - Highlights

Engage your prospects, and turn them into customers
Customer segmentation builder (Segment Builder) Promotion Planning Allocations Marketing Planning / Campaign Usability Lead Management Personalized direct mailing Open communication channel for campaigns

Marketing Management with mySAP CRM

Marketing- and Campaign Planning

Business Partner Segmentation

Analysis Planning Budgeting Monitoring

Campaign What When



Modeling Profile creation Selection

Campaign Execution

Marketing Analysis






Success Measurement (e.g. ROI) External data Profile

Sales Capabilities with SAP CRM - Highlights

Nothing sells like mySAP CRM
Opportunity management
Contracts Complaint Management Activity Management

Sales with mySAP CRM - Process View

Marketing Processes

Lead-Generation and Qualification

Quotation, Sales, Closure and execution

Opportunity Management

Activity- and Contactmanagement

Sales Processes

Service Capabilities with SAP CRM - Highlights

Turning service into a powerful competitive advantage
Complete Service Lifecycle
Installed Base Management Service Contracts with Service Level Agreements Complaints Handling and Returns Resource Planning Enterprise Intelligence

Solution Database Search Engine Interactive Intelligent Agent