Changes and innovation in Malaysia Education

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" a first of its kind in the 4/29/12 . House of Hope." or "School of Hope. Rumah Harapan. a school dedicated to educate pregnant teens has opened under the name of "Sekolah Harapan.Section A A School for Pregnant Malaysian Teens Opens in Malacca In attempt to curb the rising numbers of abandoned infants in mostlyMuslim Malaysia.

discuss how it contribute to innovative programmes in Malaysia Education system. Why is there changes and innovation in Malaysia Education system? b) c) 4/29/12 .a) What is the rationale of the School of Hope in terms of education? Based on the rationale mentioned in question a).

primary schooling is mandatory for all children between the ages of 7 and 12. However.Answer a) The rationale of School of Hope is to provide education to teenagers who are pregnant during schooling time. b) According to education system in Malaysia. due to certain issues such as 4/29/12 . Everyone deserve and have the right to purchase the education.

Apart from these can also help to produce excellent students. Besides.b) The reason forms of changes and innovation in Malaysia and education is to reach the world class education. 4/29/12 . different capability. different ethnic. there are many types of students in Malaysia. the education ministry have to introduced different types of policies. Therefore in order to colonise all different types of students in Malaysia.

4/29/12 . (10m) Compare the two proposals discussed and their effects. Describe two of the proposals formed. (10m) 2.Section B 1. There were four initial proposals for developing the national education system in Malaysia before independence.

In the report. The Barnes Report recommended a national school system. all primary vernacular schools remain one single standard national schools. 4/29/12 . All the schools studied the same syllabus. As for secondary schools.Answer 1) Among the proposals was the Barnes report. English was to maintained as the medium of instruction. which would provide primary education for 6 years in Malay and English.

Schooling system were divided into national schools that use Bahasa Malaysia as main medium of instruction and national-type schools which use other languages as medium of instruction such as Chinese School. Tamil School and English School.Another proposal was the Razak Report. 4/29/12 However. Razak report was adopted by the Malayan government as the educational framework for independent Malaya which is Malaysia now. English and Malay language .

only Malay and English language is used as medium for instructions for all the school. in Barnes report. In contrast.2) Among the differences between Razak report and Barnes report is that Razak report compromise of two types of school and that is national school and national type school while Barnes report only suggested only a national schools system. Besides. Malay language as medium of instructions in national type schools while other language like Chinese and 4/29/12 .