A beautiful pathway lined with trees and purple azaleas

Polar Bear

Moonrise over the Lincoln Memorial. The Washington Monument and Capitol are in the background.

Scenic view of a sunset at Yousmite National Park.

A view of a snow-covered bridge in the wodds.

Harbor and Sydney Opera House.

The Aurora Borealis shimmers in the sky above silhouetted evergreens.

A surfer rides a powerful wave off the north shore of Maui Island. Twelve times a year Pacific storms and The underwater topography of Maui's north shore Combine to create massive waves called Jaws. The waves can have 20 to 70-foot faces.

A stream runs swiftly over rocks.

Colosseum at dusk.

Burchells Zebras.

A polar bears snuggles up with her cubs.

View of Moraine Lake with The Sewanee Volunteer Fire A train chugs through the snow Low-lying clouds. The striking Department practices Blanketing the San Juan color of the lake is caused by firefighting. Mountains. silt-laden melt water from the glaciers.

A skier catches some big air on The Big Mountain.

A close view of Mount Everest.

A solitary tepee is illuminated by The Aurora Borealis.

American bison gaze beneath golden clouds.

Fallen leaves on rocks next to a mountain stream.

Maple leaves against a Waterfall backdrop.

Autumn foliage decorates The park.