Information as a Critical Success Factor FAILURE CSF SUCCESS Information .

Transaction Processing System Information available to users Collect the Data Information Database .


to documents the system .System Overview Distribution System Is a TPS used by distribution firms Use data flow diagrams. or DFDs.


Distribution system System that fill customer orders Order Entry System Inventory System System that order replenishment stock Purchasing System Receiving System Accounts Payable System System that perform general ledger processes General Ledger System General Ledger Updated General Ledger Prepare Management Reports System Billing System Account Receivable .

Organizational Information Systems Manufacturi ng information system Human Resources Information System Financial Information system Marketing Information System OIS Executive Information System .

Customer Relationship Management Firm Receive Maximum Value Customers CRM System Produce Information for users .

Data Warehousing Data Warehouse Data Storage in Total Storage Capacity is very large Data are accumulated by adding new records Data Mart Data are easily retrievable Data are used solely for decision making .

puts into Entry the data into da standardized format & warehouse repository prepare summaries Data Warehouse Metadata .Mechanism of Data Warehousing Extraction Transformation Loading Combines data from the various sources Cleans the data.

. up-enables the user to begin with a detail display and then summarizes the details into increasingly higher summary levels across-moving from one data hierarchy to another. going from a summary level to the lowest level of detail.Information Delivery Drill Down Roll up Drill across Drill through down-the process of navigating down through the levels of detail.


Relational OLAP Multidimensional OLAP ROLAP data exists in detailed form & Analyses must be performed to produce summaries. MOLAP data are preprocessed to produce summaries at the various lev of detail and arranged by the variou dimensions. including graphics.On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP) Enables the user to communicate with the data warehouse either through a GUI or a web interface and quickly produce information in a variety of forms. .


Data Mining Data Mining Hypothesis Verification Finding relationships in data that are unknown to the user begins with the user’s hypothesis of how data are related is when the data warehousing system analyzes the warehouse data repository. looking for groups with common characteristics Knowledge Discovery .