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Need for the Program • Statistics show that people are falling ill all the time. • Employee health is at an abysmal low across every levels. • Employees are unable to perform effectively because they suffer from severe health related issues. . • The degree of absenteeism due to illness is on the rise.

Common Problems Executives Face in Corporates • “I am just 27.” . How come I feel tired all the time? Where is my energy gone” • “Let me sleep for a few minutes. But it keeps finding me. I could not sleep a wink last night” • “ I must have spent thousands last month on medication and doctors. Why am I falling sick so often? “ • “I simply cant stop eating. And I don’t have time to exercise. I am hungry all the time. What to do?” • “I keep trying to lose weight.

. This has led to….These are real problems of real people – YOUR people.

. purpose. Because when disease. money. sickness and death strikes. popularity. all the above will be of no use.Health has NOTHING to do with your fame. success.

Most Organizations & Individuals adopt the Reactive Approach Insurance Medicines Employee Mediclaim ESIC Doctor’s Visit .

Isn’t it better to adopt a Proactive Approach towards the most important thing in the world – Our Health? .

H.) . Mental And Social Well-being And Not Merely The Absence Of Disease Or Infirmity” (W.O.What is HEALTH? “Health Is A State Of Complete Physical.


What is the Program? Illness to Wellness is a Proactive Health Initiative that will ensure that you have a workforce that is Physically. Mentally and Socially fit and thereby able to contribute to the organization in a far more effective manner. .

The Framework of the Program Physical Health Medical Health • Vaccinations • Health Hazards • Importance of Health checkups • Family History • First Aid Mental Health • • • • Food/ BMI Sleep/OSA Activities Emerging Lifestyle diseases • Routine Activities • Relationships • Life Situations .

The Session Plan FOOD Indian Food Habits Food Related Disorders Calories & Nutrition Myths of Food Sleep Habits Sleep Disorders SLEEP Sleep Patterns Sleeping Right LIFESTYLE/EMERGING DISEASES Technology Conveniences Luxuries Choices SPORTS/PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES Age & Activity Sports Simple Exercises Body awareness MENTAL HEALTH Life Situations & Stress Management Relationships Mental Disorders Vaccinations MEDICAL HEALTH Family History Important Medical check-ups .

Training Methodology Discussions Self-Awareness Exercises Debates Case Studies Games & activities Questionnaires .

especially for Sales Team • Healthy Employees = Healthy Organization .Outcome • An ‘aware’ workforce adopting a proactive approach towards Health • Healthy employees leading to lesser absenteeism due to sickness • Self Motivated to Achieve more • Better Results.

Dr.AboutSunil Ullal Dr. • Traveled extensively thus gaining wide exposure to cultural. Sunil Ullal • A decade and more of rich medical experience working with Public sector giants and addressing senior management and middle management. • First Aid . economical and political references leading to tremendous value towards general and corporate Health care. • Voluntary Medical Practice for the Lower Middle Class • Private Medical Practice • Corporate Health Awareness • Specialties: • Medical Advise • Health Counseling for Corporates • Preventive Health Care.

•Oracle. (BPCL). Sunil Ullal •Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Mumbai •Netmagic. at their offices in Mumbai. Mumbai . • Mahul Refinery (BPCL) •Birla Sunlife Insurrance. Mumbai •Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology (RGIPT). Hyderabad. Calcutta. •IDBI.Experience Dr. Rae Barailly (UP). Bangalore. Mumbai •Petroleum India International.

derivation. examples. puzzles. paramedics. She has trained more than 5000 personnel on Emotional Intelligence at different levels (teachers. Neera Jain Ms. Her experience includes being Head of Department (Human Development) at SNDT affiliated College. She has a rich training experience of more than three decades. She is actively involved in Research on Emotional Intelligence and has numerous papers and articles to her credit. audio visuals. tests. stories. observation sheets. notes. analogies. role plays. doctors. She is passionate about ‘Enhancing Interpersonal Skills in Children and Adults’. . administrators) Training Methodologies: Power point presentations. contest & competition. case studies. facts & figures. Neera Jain is a post-graduate in Human Development from Delhi University. counselors. reference material. flip charts. Ms. games.AboutSunil Ullal Dr.

2008 Human Resource Development. Sunil Ullal Researches (UGC Sponsored): Inculcating positive attitude and self confidence in girls (2004) Enhancing Emotional Intelligence in girl students (2010) Areas of Expertise: Interpersonal Skills Emotional Intelligence Mentoring & Counselling Assertive Communication Time management Presentation skills Written and verbal communication skills Team work Conflict management Publications: Art for Fun ‘n’ Learn .Experience Dr. 2010 . Scholars Hub. Scholars Hub. 2006 Nurturing Emotional Intelligence in Young Children. Uttam Publishers.2001. Handling Behaviour Problems in Young Children.

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