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(Bernard Babington smith) An effective team is may be defined a sone that achieves its aim in the most efficient way and is ready to take on more challenging tasks if so required. Team :. They may be assigned to different work roles. or a heap or a number of people who interact with one another or are aware of one another. as – to take a very mechanical and static analogy – in a jigsaw puzzle pieces fit together without distortion and together produce some overall pattern. who may or may not percieve themselves as a group.• • • • • • • • Difference between team & Group Group:. Groups are generally of both kinds family/social group and work group.means a cluster or a bunch. Team are group of people who co –operate to carry out a joint task. nor the memebers in a group are having interlocking roles.A team is a group in which the individuals have a common aim and in which the jobs and skills of each member fit in with those of others. or be allowed to sort them out between themselves and change jobs when they feel like it. the memebers of a group may not share a common goals. .

• Team is important for a group /organization & individual success. . • Do we need a team • We mostly spend time by gossiping and discusing about other problems & issues. • Working as a team gives you job satisfaction and enhance your knowledge and skill • The power of a team to accomplish its goal is directly related to how well the member gel with each other.• Nobody is perfect . but a team can be – Marks & spencer.

.A functional team means: • • • • • • • • • People care for each other People are open & truthful There is a high level of trust Decision are made by consensus There is strong team commitment Conflict is faced up to and worked through People really listen to ideas and to feeling Feeling are expressed freely Process issues(task & feelings) are dealt with.

Task Team Individual .Teambuilding Effect on Team & Individual.

• Team without individual is empty. but individual without team is ineffective. • Personal interest may conflict with that of the team.• Bring issues into open in order to explore all feasible options • Compromise • Sharing • When conflict arises allow other members of your team to solve it. How to keep your team .a team not a disaster . • Effective team develops when each member is contributing to the common task and to build the team. reduce your tension • Don not worry that you are going to hurt someone by disagreeing.