Objective of the study

-To study the various factors which played a role in improving the

Quality of Work Life of the employees. -To study the employees opinion, views and feeling about such factors. -To study the employees preference regarding concepts like fiexitime.

• QWL is the level at which the members of an org. can satisfy their personal requirements through their experience in the organization • Its main objective is to focus on creating a good working environment as a result of which employees work together in a cooperative way and contribute their best in achieving the organizational goals.

Requirements of workers :
• • • • • • • Fair & reasonable Pay Safer Environment Employee Benefits Job Security Job satisfaction Empowerment Career Opportunities

Approaches to Improve Q W L
• • • • Flexibility in Work Schedules Opportunity for Growth Participation of Employees Implementing Suggestion Systems

SAMPLE SIZE: 50 METHODOLOGY Primary Data: The primary data for the study was collected by preparing a questionnaire that was distributed randomly among the employees of corporate office of NALCO situated at Bhubaneswar . Personal and informal interaction was also done with most of the respondents which proved to be valuable for my study.

Secondary Data: The secondary data was collected from the companys journals, magazines etc.

Job future and Motivational factors

20% 6% 14% 60%

j.future rewards promotion training

4% 4% 10% H.satisfied satisfied NsNd dissatis h.dissat 72% 10%

Preference to Work Pattern


8% wk.at hme fiexitime overtime 78%

Employee turnover

38% , 38%
yes no

62% , 62%

An employee may be motivated to give his best for the organization by the help of various monetary and non monetary factors. The various motivating and demotivating factors of an employees job should be closely studied and suitable measures should be taken by the company to eliminate or minimize the demotivating factors and enhance motivating factors.