What do you know about the following terms?

• Racism Racism is a bit related to the discrimination, it means the hatred and intolerance of another group to other groups. Besides that, racism usually involving the idea that one's own races is superior and has the right to rule the others. • Prejudice Prejudice is the unreasonable feeling,opinions or Click to edit Master subtitle style attitudes regrading a racial, religiouis and national group, when a person is prejudiced, it means they like or dislike something about without really thinking carefully about it • Stereotype stereotypes is being what they are, but in fact,it is not total truth, for the example, it is well known that people thought chinese people is "taukey" or rich, but 4/29/12in fact some of them are not rich at all, but is poor.

• Discrimination Discrimination occur when something or someone distinguished 4/29/12 . customs and religion.• Ethnocentric Ethnocentric is judging another culture society by the values and the standards of one's own culture. Means that they think they were the best among the cultures and this will do based on the language.

What are the characteristics of plural society during the British colonisation? • • • Indian in estate Chinese in mining area Malay in rural area 4/29/12 .

sex and etc. In simple words. A .• What is social stratification? It is a system by which society ranks categories of people in a hierarchy. economical background. although in a more complex way. it is characterististics that determine your status in society based on race. • How does employment affect social stratification? social stratification can caused 4/29/12 unemployment. For example.

When they arrived in Malaya. 4/29/12 . immigrants were given loans to accommodate the travelling cost from China to Malaya. they were required to work with brokers who gave those loans until all their debts and interests were settled.How did Chinese immigrants came to Tanah Melayu? • Credit Ticketing System Through the introduction of this system. Brokers determined wage rates.

How did Indian immigrants came to Tanah Melayu? • Kangani System Indian labour recruitment through the Kangani system (monitor) was introduced when the contract system had been wiped out. A Kangani would take labourers from their own village and the labourers would be 4/29/12 . The entrance of labourers through this system was cheap and it was free from the government’s examination.

Culture is not known since you were born. if without sharing towards the society.What are the characteristics of culture?   • Learning. Sharing. this culture can be learned easily through assimilation. 4/29/12 we will only practice the culture   • . it needs to be start learning when we born. every behavior and culture being practicing by us nowadays.

While for 4/29/12 colonialism. they spread their social.• What is the difference between imperialism and colonialism? The difference between imperialism and colonialism are imperialism is colonized through physical and colonialism is colonized through physical + mental. British brings Chinese and Indians to get the gold mine and rubber estates. this is imperialism. and these things are only for their own benefit. . For the example.

the segregation is widespread on the campus and the 1Malaysia slogan has not been taken in sincerely. 4/29/12 .• What are the causes of polarisation or disintegration persisting on the Malaysian university campus? Topic sentence   • Students tend to stay together with their own race because they feel comfortable with their own origins.