CAD Manager Survival Guide

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CAD Managers Survival Guide

Discuss a wide variety of aspects that make up a CAD admin

Discuss methodologies and best practices

What we will cover:
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Finding stuff & Resources Computers and maintenance Getting more from your users Automating the process



Finding Stuff – Your Computer
Windows Desktop Search (WDS)

Part of Windows 7

 

Use it find anything (Windows feature, files, emails, etc.)
Save Searches (Favorites) Network drives…

google. Advanced − Google custom search http://www.Finding Stuff .Internet Web search    Great research tool Search providers Google − Search Options  Bing (aka Live Search) − Bing custom search  SolidWorks Help − .

Italian & Spanish) • • Improved account creation process Account types:   Guest (no serial #) with limited access Full (entitled) tied to serial # with active Subscription Service • • • • Common authentication (Customer Portal. French. Beta. Forums.Login • Language support (English.SolidWorks Customer Portal . …) Remember Me Forgot My Password Change under My Profile . German.

Resources .SolidWorks Customer Portal • Links • My Support • References • Downloads • Community • Discussion Forums • My VAR • News • Top Solutions www.

Knowledge Base • Search the KB    Enter a phrase Search tips Narrow results − Data Source − Product − Problem area − and more .

Knowledge Base • Phrase • Filter By:     Source Product Area Sub-Area • Tie it all together .

Knowledge Base • View the details • Search again • Give us feedback • Next Steps .

com .solidworks.Discussion Forums • Interact with other users • Ask questions • Give you opinion • Answer questions http://forum.

Finding Stuff… .

templates • SolidWorks Design Checker . templates.Best Practices / Standards • Templates.


User Rights • Power User / Admin Rights for:  Installation Manager     Copy Settings Wizard Conversion Wizard SolidWorks Rx Task Scheduler • Vista (User Access Control) (Control Panel Option) .

Setting and Options • Why is this important? • Configuration vs. move it… . Customization • DO NOT DEPLOY WITH DEFAULT SETTING! • Do not require users to setup SolidWorks • Document Templates • File Locations (Tools/Options) • If you customized anything.

SolidWorks Options • Types   System Options Document Properties • System Settings   Windows registry Copy Settings Wizard • Document Properties   Templates File Locations .

SolidWorks Settings • Where they are stored  Initial install  Regedit • How to handle     Copy Setting Wizard General and user based Share (consistency) New releases • System Vs. templates…. templates. . Document  Templates.

Saving and Sharing Settings •Copy Settings Wizard (sldreg) •Define settings and share with other users .

Personalize (User Interface) .

Templates • Document Properties • Custom Properties • Save As Template • File Locations .

Custom Properties • Metadata • Why is this important • Uses   Downstream application Workflow automation • How to access • How to setup .

.Toolbox • Toolbox settings App and Tools/Options • Shared Toolbox • Set it up  Define standards      Properties and PN#s Setting Sizes Protection Etc.

shared Different version .Common Files • Toolbox and the Hole Wizard    Select a Common Files location Standalone vs.

INSTALLATION . templates. Windows registry • Do a new install instead of an upgrade • Default values should be reviewed/shared each release • Use of Anti-Virus applications www. etc.Installation Rules • Backup setting.solidworks. • All customized files (Toolbox.) should be shared and on a network • Make a list and check it twice (do it right the first time) • Always uninstall the old version and finish the cleanup  Install directory. etc.html .

not scalable  Installation and are a manual process on each machine •Deployment Application   Cost. setup Full control over all application •Administrative Images   Installation and updates are on the server only Installation and updates can be done on the client machines via a link or web page (no user interaction) Create the Admin Image Administrator – 1st Install Link or HTML page to start install Client on link or HTML page to start silent install (1st time only) Configure the Admin image Determine deployment method Update Admin Image for Service Packs .Distributing Software and Updates •Individual install from CD  Easy.

Download and Install • Download   Downloads all the components Determines what have and what you need • Install   Handles pre-requites and multiple install automatically Can be use with Standalone and Admin image installs • Look at the defaults • Set and download off hours .Installation Manager • There are two parts.

sldreg file before starting the Installation manager .Administrative Images Keys: • Part of the Installation Manager for SolidWorks 2008 • Push on 1st install only • Updates only to server • Clients automatically updated • Define the SWOption.


and design products • Data management is vital for protecting your companies’ data assets and insuring design control • For large assemblies.Data Management • CAD data is highly valuable asset for your company • This is the data used to create. document. local workspace is a must! • How safe is your data? .

3. 6. Searches the full path where the document was last saved without a drive designation. 7. 4. Searches the first path that you specify in the Folders list in the File Locations Options dialog box. 5. . 2. Allows you to browse for the document yourself. Searches the path where the software last found a referenced document. then recursively searches the path where the referenced document was last saved. then recursively searches the path where the referenced document was last saved. don’t‘ let it control you • SolidWorks Reference Search rules: 1. Repeats Steps 2 through 6 for the other folders in the Folders list. Recursively searches the first path in the Folders list. Searches the path in Step 2 plus the last folder in the path where the referenced document was last saved. Searches the path where you last opened a document. Uses any open document with the same name.Why do I need PDM? • Control your design. 11. 12. then recursively searches the path where the referenced document was last saved. Searches the path of the active document. 10. 9. 8. 13. Repeats Step 4 until the full original path has been appended to the path in Step 2. Searches the path in Step 2 plus the last two folders in the path where the referenced document was last saved. Searches the full path where the document was last saved with its original drive designation.

SolidWorks Data Management Global Product Lifecycle Management Enterprise Data Management Workgroup Data Management Personal File Management .


Computer Configuration • • RAM – lots of it!!!!!!!! Operating Systems    3GB mode X64 vs. type. RAID) Video Cards Quality and type of hardware . 32 bit Win 7 / Vista / XP • • • • CPU Type and Speed Disks (speed.

Auto Updates) • Application Delivery   Options Advantages • Forklift Test  Disaster recovery  System Restore . disk space.) Test   Image Updating (SUS. etc. defrag. contiguous .Computer Configuration • Creating a Consistent Platform    Configure Best practices (SWAP.

com/sw/support/videocardtesting.html • Graphics Cards    Certified vs. card driver Check all settings • Anti-Virus     Why its important Performance Turn off during install (not) Exclude SolidWorks documents .System Requirements & Graphics Cards • System Requirements & Graphics Cards http://www.solidworks. Tested System vs.

asp How to Use Network Monitor to Capture Network Traffic http://support.aspx?scid=kb%3Ben-us%3B812953 • Network • Server • Test and measure   How to Display Performance Logs as HTML Files

System Maintenance • Sharp end of the Windows stick • Treat your tools well… (preventive maintenance) • Why  Reliability   Stability Performance • How     Disk Defragmenter Clean-up SolidWorks Rx System Mechanic .

Computer Benchmarks • Benchmarks  Performance Test (Passmark)    Anna Woods SolidWorks Benchmark Windows Experience Index .

Computer Benchmarks • SolidWorks Performance Test • Share your Scores .


Reporting Issues • Why report issues? • Performance logs • SolidWorks Rx .

SolidWorks Rx Files .

Software Tools • Diskeeper  Free vs. temp files. etc.acelogix.aspx • .com (Bad registry.iolo.aspx?brand=Default • Process Monitor (SysInternals)  System Mechanic http://www. commercial application • System Utilities   Ace Utilities

and metrics . expectations.Summary • Know what’s out there (resources) • Be proactive • Plan for success • Support.

Questions .