Submitted by, Leo George PGDM 10 DCSMAT

 These have two forks (blades) in the front that are used to lift loads  These steel blades can be moved forward and backward.Mini-trucks that are used for lifting and transferring heavy loads. and also up and down for lifting and moving cargo.  .

liquid propane. Operated on gas. diesel or electricity. Also useful in moving heavy furniture.   The distance between the blades can be adjusted according to the size of the weight. .


000 pounds. Standard Trucks:  Lift weights that range between 3.000 to 4.  Lift cargo up to a height of 20 feet.  Can lift loads up to a height of 40 feet .  Reach Truck:  Usually run on electricity.

 Motorized Pallet Trucks:  Also known as walkies. .  To a height of 40 feet. Order Selector:  Useful for moving racked loads which are smaller than the pallet size.  Operator walks along the side of the truck as it moves the load. riders or walkie riders.

 Turret Trucks:  Can lift both the load as well as the operator. Swing Mast Trucks:  Can swing up to 90 degrees in one direction only. .  Can swing the forks 90 degrees on either side.  Pallet Jack / Hand Forklift:  Operated by human effort and hydraulic system.