National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar

Internship Presentation

Aarvee Denims & Exports Ltd.
An effort by Priyadarshi Abhishek

DAT -7th semester


Aarvee is one of India’s largest vertically integrated clothing corporations. It was established in 1988 and is based in Ahmedabad. The company caters to such global fashion brands as Jeans Worx, CJ Jeans, Anchor Blue, Taaps and national brands namely Reliance Retail, Duke and Red Tape. In November 2007, Aarvee Denims & Exports Ltd. launched its premium Ready to wear brand DeExtase. The company has a turnover of about 75 million dollars per year. Cutting capacity – 3000 garments/day Sewing capacity – 5000 garments/day Washing capacity – 10000 garments/day

Finishing capacity – 10000 garments/day


MERCHANDISING DEPARTMENT  Merchandizing can be classified into major two types – 1. Execution of orders  In Aarvee Denims & Exports Ltd.  The merchandizing department here is divided into three major teams headed by their team leaders. Each team is given responsibility of generating orders for the organization which are feasible for production. . Product development 2. both the functions are amalgamated so as to simplify the work hierarchy.

Merchandisers are the front end role players of a garment industry whose main job is: To create market Understanding buyers' requirements Sourcing of materials. fabrics Select the range Creating the product Taking buyers approvals Negotiation with buyer Procuring the orders Materializing the order Execution the order Dispatching the shipment .

HIERARCHY Head Marketing and Merchandising Modus Operandi Senior merchants Junior merchants .

style description.Parameters involved while costing Fabric Main shell fabric Secondary shell fabric (as sometimes used in pocket facing and patch pocket) Accessories Zipper Rivets Shank Trims Labels (wash care. etc) Thread Cut and make Washing cost Agent’s commission Packaging material Value addition . size label.

Sheet .The merchandising department maintains the following documents:Inter Office Memo Job Card Order Tracking Sheet And Its Status Cost Sheet TNA (Time & Action Plan) PO (Purchase Order) Courier Invoice Covering Letter Declare Form Spec.

SAMPLING DEPARTMENT HIERACHY Department Manager Modus Operandi Junior Executives Pattern Masters .

Various samples which are being developed at different stages are being mentioned below: Proto Sample  Fit Sample  Sales Sample  Pre Production Sample / Top Of Production Sample  Size Set Sample .


Advantages of CAD –  Wastage reduction  Minimum time consumption  Increased accuracy  Reduction in labor cost Cutting chart Cutting Spreading CAD .

Infrastructure of department - Machine Straight knife machine Band knife machine End cutter machine Fusing machine Ticketing machine Table – 2 air floatation tables Make Eastman Eastman - Model number Class 627 EC-900N - Number 4 1 2 1 2 .

SEWING DEPARTMENT HIERACHY HIERACHY Production Manager Modus Operandi Supervisors Assistant Supervisors .

front preparation and assembly DEFECTS: Skip stitch Broken stitch Loose stitch Bar tack missing Overlapping not even Up down at waist band Loop placement uneven Side seam top stitch uneven Bottom hem roping Loop missing Back pocket placement uneven Size label .6 Sewing lines 100% inspection at in line inspection points after back preparation.

Style Observed Buyer Style Description STP Basic 5 pocket jeans with back pocket design 1202 592 Target Achieved Number Machines Number manual operations 46 03 .

TIME STUDY Front Back Assembly Operation breakdown Line layout Process chart Left hand & right hand chart Sewing production (Jan-June 2008) .

WASHING DEPARTMENT DRY PROCESSING Grinding Scrapping Spray WET PROCESSING Stone wash Enzyme wash Bleach Whiskers Tagging Sand blasting Pigment Spray Tinting Rinse .

HIEARCHY Production Manager Modus operandi Washing Production Washing Report Supervisor Wet processing Supervisor Dry processing .

Defects - Scraping Less Scraping No Scraping Heavy Scraping Uneven Scraping Zip Damage Thread Impression Dummy Damage Spray Uneven Spray (tone Var) Sand Blasting Heavy Sand Blasting Uneven Sand Blasting Damage Tacking Wrong Placement Grinding Excess Bench Grinding Excess Wheel Grinding Wiskering Less Intensity .

SPECIFICATIONS . take-up levers.EMBROIDERY DEPARTMENT  There are five Amaya embroidery machines used for bulk production in Aarvee Denims. thread guides.  Overview of machine  AMAYA will hold 16 cones of thread. Needles. safety grabber.  The main parts of the needle case consist of: the Acti-Feed™ (thread feeder). thread guides.

Wilcon ES V9 features: Object-based Embroidery Digitizing Designs Digitizing with Artwork Modifying Designs Advanced Digitizing Embroidery Lettering .The software which is widely used at Aarvee Denims is Wilcon ES V9.

STORES DEPARTMENT HIERACHY Stores Department Head Trim store in charge Fabric store in charge .

FINISHING DEPARTMENT Infrastructure Iron tables Riveting and button Toppers Button attaching m/c SNLS Unifold shirt folding m/c Over lock Bar tack Ramsons Rotondy & Macpi JUKI JUKI Sunrise JUKI JUKI 6 6 4 1 6 1 1 1 Stock Modus operandi Despactch .

QUALITY DEPARTMENT HIERACHY Quality Manager Roaming QC Finishing Supervisor Cut part defects June 2008 Cut part rejectction June 2008 Cut part rejection % June 2008 Inline inspection report Quality management .

MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT HIERACHY Maintenance in charge Assistant Mechanic There are two types of maintenance: Preventive maintenance Breakdown maintenance .


Project: Reengineering of sewing line Assignment: Sampling of the eight styles of denims for Aditya Birla Group .

Thank you .