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Every sentence must have a subject and a verb: e.g.: We study English every Monday and Thursday A sentence may contain of more than one clause: e.g.: Because next Monday is a public holiday, dependent clause we will not study English. Independent clause

Sentence Pattern
1. S - V She laughed. He cries (every night) 2. S V O All students study English. All students are doing final test (at the moment). We must submit the homework.
3. 4. S V - IO DO The teacher gave Amir the book. Jim wrote Mary a letter. S V O Modifiier I teach English at Bukit every Monday.

3. S V O Modifier I teach English at Bukit every Monday.

The subject performs the actions in an active sentence. Every sentence and every clause must have a subject. The subject is usually a noun or noun phrase. E.g.: Dogs like water. Tall buildings must provide safety mechanisms. The best racers will compete in the show.

Usually in the form of Noun/Noun Phrase. Usually occurs after verbs. Some verbs take DO only, some take IO and DO (weve seen it previously).

Question Sample
1. The rain forest, ________ large trees that provide shade to the vegetarian below, is home to unique flora and fauna. a. Has c. With its b. And d. Although has 2. Despite tha polar bears tremendous weight and height, _________ of sprinting at tremendous speed. a. It is capabe c. It is able b. Is capable d. ability

A complement complete the verb. e.g. I felt happy. A complement may consist of something other than a noun or noun phrase, such as a verb in the infinitive form or in the gerund (verb+ing) form. E.g. They will probably consider calling another meeting. They plan to call another meeting.

3. Choose the one word or phrase that is incorrect in standard written English. Having multiple sclerosis has diminished Mr. a b Wilsons physical condition, but his ability to c maintain a positive attitude and continue working an inspiration. d

4. The huge (a ) increase in popularity os specialty coffees contribution (b) to the success of (c) Starbucks, Barneys and other (d) coffee purveyors. 5. Patient on the Interferon are advised ______, so that they can sleep through the night without noticing the flu-like symptoms that are themselves just before characteristic of the drug. a. Just before goint to sleep to inject themselves b. To inject themselves just before going to sleep c. To inject just before going to sleep themselves d. Injecting themselves just before going to sleeep

6. After it has conclude (a) work on the budget, the (b) legislature adjourned (c) until (d) the next session. 7. Even when awarded (a) a scholarship, a student generally must still paying (b) for books, living (c) expenses, and other (d) costs. 8. The U.S government, along with a number of states, is fight (a) a protracted (b) legal battle with tobacco companies in order to obtain (c) relief (d) for the huge medical costs caused by smoking.

9. The leaders of the two countries _______ an agreement to avoid future conflicts. a. Have recently reach b. Recently reach c. Have reached recently d. Have recently reached 10. The teacers are expecting (a) to call tommorrow a meeting (b) in order to review (c) the disciplinary (d) problems.