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Topics To Be Covered

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Topics To Be Covered


 By the early 90s the company was ranking amongst the leading shipping companies for footwear and outdoor industry companies operating in the Montebelluna area. with Mr. .DB GROUP DB Group is an Italian freight forwarding company created in 1950 under  the name De Bortoli Trasporti. a family business for domestic transports. Angelo De Bortoli as its sole associate.

Bucharest. Stuttgart. Trieste. Tessera. Milano. London). Ancona)  And abroad. Granada.DB GROUP Its acquisition of AMI (an air and sea freight shipping company)  in 1992 enabled the company to branch out into all fields of transport and then subsequently go global. Mogliano Veneto. Dusseldorf. Arad. Timisoara. Prato. Madrid. in Europe (Munich.  Within a few years it set up offices in Italy (Montebelluna. . Lubjana. Bilbao. Barcelona.

 DB Group currently boasts a workforce of over 250 employees stationed in approximately 30 offices worldwide. Mumbai. Tokyo.  Shanghai. Chennai and Bangalore ) in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne). Los Angeles and Atlanta). New Delhi.DB GROUP In America (New York. Osaka. in Asia (Hong Kong. .

D. Group in the world. ...B.

or forwarding agent is a person or  company that organizes shipments for individuals or corporations to get large orders from the manufacturer or producer to market or final point of distribution.  A forwarder is not typically a carrier. or a third-party (non-asset-based) logistics provider. forwarder. . a freight forwarder is a "travel agent. but is an expert in supply chain management." for the cargo industry.FREIGHT FORWARDING A freight forwarder.  In other words.

Air Freight and Combined Sea & Air Freight Import and Export transportation Services from and to the most important domestic and international Ports and Airports  With the combination of DB Group’s employees and a network of correspondents.SERVICES OF DB GROUP Sea & Air   Sea Freight. it covers all five continents and can offer total support to companies wishing to place their products on international markets  .

T. in synergy.SERVICES OF DB GROUP DB Group works in close collaboration with a network of offices based all  over the world.A. . (International Air Transport Association) agent. and we can continuously track all stages of your company’s shipments  DB Group also a FIATA and I.A.


CORE DEPARTMENTS OF DB GROUP  Customer Service-Both Air and Sea operations       Documentation Finance and Accounts Sales and Marketing Operations.Air and Sea Pricing Quality Control .

Air(Export and Import)        Responsible for internal operations of DB Group. Tracking of Shipments. Issuing MAWB and HAWB. Preparation of Master File for Air operations/Sea Operations. Details Regarding Shipments Maintenance of Records.Job Profiles of DB’S Departments Internal Operations. .

Works in co-ordination with pricing department. Maintaining good rapport with air and sea operations.Customer Service Department (Air and Sea operations)  Responsible for maintaining good relations with clients     Providing Information to the customers. . Giving details about the shipment to the shipper and consignee.

Preparing the MWAB and HAWB.      Arranging of various documents in a proper manner. Handling the documents to the final customer (Both Air and Sea). BL (Bill Of Lading).Carting Copy and several important documents.DOCUMENTATION Maintaining documents of various air and sea operations. . Issuing Gate pass .

Sales and Marketing Department Prospecting future customers for DB group.Maximum 4 clients per day. Promoting DB’S core products Preparing marketing strategy To co-ordinate with various departments Attending Sales Calls.       To attain maximum sales. .

Sales and Marketing Department Achieving credit objectives. Closing the deal. .    Attending educational seminars and workshops.

.      Collection of various tax invoices and TDS receipts Fund Transfer(RTGS and NEFT). Maintenance of various accounts in the software Request for DD and other various cash approvals.Finance and Accounts To maintain all various information in the NOVA(Italian Software).

Finance and Accounts Customer File management/Accounting Client    VAT details Custom Duty Charges .

   Bargaining with the customers. Preparing a Rate Sheet. Enquiring about airline rates for example-Emirates quoting a high price or Lufhthansa quoting a lower price.Pricing Quoting the right price to the clients. .   Request for Sea/Air freight charges.

Quality Control Maintaining certain quality standards fro DB group’s operations.     Applying for ISO procedure. . Co-ordinating an effective quality policy with various deprtments. Maintenance of various important quality audit files.

 A contract is a legally enforceable promise or undertaking that something will or will not occur. .CONTRACTS A contract is an agreement entered into voluntarily by two parties or  more with the intention of creating a legal obligation. which may have elements in writing. Contracts can be made orally.

as part of a general law of obligations. as is habitual in civil law systems. and restitution. which is usually translated "agreements must be kept" but more literally means “pacts must be kept“. along with tort . . unjust enrichment.Origin and scope  Contract law is based on the principle expressed in the latin phrase pacta sunt servanda.  Contract law can be classified.

and consideration. intention to create legal relations.Elements  At common law. acceptance. the elements of a contract are offer.      Mutual assent Offer and acceptance Consideration Sufficiency Other jurisdictions .

. the parties must intend to create a legal relationship. the purpose of the contract must be lawful. and the parties must consent. the form of the contract must be legal.Formation  In addition to the elements of a contract:      a party must have capacity to contract.

in-process inventory. and controlling the efficient. finished goods and related information from the point of consumption to the point of origin for the purpose of recapturing value or proper disposal. cost effective flow of raw materials.  It is "the process of planning. . implementing.Elements Of Logistical Contracts  Reverse logistics stands for all operations related to the reuse of products and materials.

INDIAN CONTRACTS ACT 1872 Indian Contract Act 1872 is the main source of law regulating contracts in Indian Law. as subsequently amended.  All of us enter into a number of contracts everyday knowingly or unknowingly.   It determines the circumstances in which promise made by the parties to a contract shall be legally binding on them. .

It is not a complete and exhaustive law on all types of contracts.  It applies to the whole of India except the state of Jammu and Kashmir.   Indian contract deals with the enforcement of these rights and duties upon the parties. .INDIAN CONTRACTS ACT 1872 Each contract creates some right and duties upon the contracting parties.

for a lawful consideration with a lawful object. if they are made by the free consent of the parties.Essential Elements of a Valid Contract  According to Section 10.Lawful consideration 3. competent to contract.Proper offer and proper acceptance 2.Competent to contract or capacity . "All agreements are contracts. and not hereby expressly to be void."  Essential Elements of a Valid Contract are:    1.

Types of contracts  On the basis of validity   On the basis of formation On the basis of performance .

 When parties from different countries enter into a contract they are governed by the International contract law. .  Unless they agree to abide by the laws of one of the countries.International Contract Law  International contract law concerns the legal rules relating to cross border agreements .

Legally binding contracts should be framed. Involvement of two competent parties is also another important consideration.     Stringent laws and procedures should be maintained in the agreement.RECOMMENDATIONS DB group should follow some rules and regulations taking into  consideration Indian Contracts Act 1872. . Core issues involved in the freight forwarding sector should be addressed.

In the agreement we also consider handling of goods as a very important criterion.     It gives more weight age to an written agreement.CONCLUSIONS DB group has a very legal procedure into structure. . It also gives more emphasis to the principle of indemnity.