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Food Retailing Store Formats

Anto Nancy Asha Kalyani. B II MBA - KCTBS

once said this about retailing: “Basically we get confused a bit about what retail is.” . It is really just buying things. Gerry Harvey.Retail Mangement • Australian entrepreneur. putting them on a floor and selling them.

Did You Know???? • A McKinsey report says India has the world's highest density of retail outlets. with about 15 of them for 1.000.000 people. • . as compared with the world's richest economies that have four or five per 1.

in rickety wooden carts trundled by vegetable vendors known as sabjiwallahs. India's daily vegetables and fruits humbly arrived home atop cane baskets. . or from little shops dotting villages and towns across the country. out of air-conditioned supermarket chains with parking lots and uniformed staff. • Now groceries reach middle-class homes in branded plastic bags.Food Retailing • For centuries.

such as electronics (Best Buy) and sporting goods (Sport Authority). They are called category killers as they specialize in their fields. Examples are Sahara Mall. Category killers: Small specialty stores have expanded to offer a range of categories. They provide an ideal shopping experience by providing a mix of all kinds of products and services. • • • . groceries. toys. food and entertainment under one roof. K Raheja's Shoppers Stop is a good example of department stores. etc. individually run and handled retail outlets. They are small.RETAIL FORMATS • Mom-and-pop stores: These are generally family-owned businesses catering to small sections of society. such as home and décor. Other examples are Lifestyle and Westside. Malls: These are the largest form of retail formats. These stores have further categories. These do not offer full service category products and some carry a selective product line. Department stores: These are the general merchandise retailers offering various kinds of quality products and services. TDI Mall in Delhi. clothing. They have widened their vision in terms of the number of categories.

Convenience stores: They are comparatively smaller stores located near residential areas.Retail Format • Specialty Stores: The retail chains. Examples are RPG's Music World. Prices are slightly higher due to the convenience given to the customers. which deal in specific categories and provide deep assortment in them are specialty stores. etc. Example: Big Bazaar. • • . These stores contribute 30% of all food and grocery organized retail sales. offering a variety of categories with deep assortments. They are open for an extended period of the day and have a limited variety of stock and convenience products. Hypermarkets/ Supermarkets: These are generally large self-service outlets. They focus on mass selling and reaching economies of scale or selling the stock left after the season is over. • Discount stores: These are the stores or factory outlets that provide discount on the MRP items. Mumbai's bookstore Crossword.

it is not very common in India. But it does not provide a feel of the product and is sometimes not authentic. Examples are Amazon. etc. At present.RETAIL FORMATS • E-tailers: These are retailers that provide online facility of buying and selling products and services via Internet. They provide a picture and description of the snacks are some the items that can be bought through vending machines. • Vending: This kind of retailing is making incursions into the industry. as this method provides convenience and a wide variety for customer. Smaller products such as beverages. .com. A lot of such retailers are booming in the industry. Ebay.

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including power generation. • It was founded by RP Goenka in 1979. Technology. and entertainment.500crore (equivalent to INR 115 billion) for fiscal year 2007. • Today the RPG Group is involved in diverse sectors of business. Retail. Transmission. • They have diversified themselves in various sectors like:Power. • The group recorded a turnover of INR 11. retail. India. information technology. . power transmission.• The RPG Group one of India's largest industrial conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai. Entertainment and Others. Tyres.

• Spencer’s Retail Ltd. part of the Rs 13. hypermarkets and dailies spread all over India..• Spencer's is based on the 'Food First' Format. providing a wide range of quality products to discerning young customers . looking out for authentic flavors and experiences in a fun-filled shopping environment. re-branded its small retail format stores from “Spencer’s Daily” and “Spencer’s Express” to Spencer’s . • Established in 1996.well-travelled citizens of the world. Spencer’s is one of the popular destination for shoppers in India with supermarkets.500-crore RPG Group. • Spencer's began operations as a retail chain in the early 90's in Southern India.

500 to 15. food and nonfood Fast Moving Consumer Goods. at minimum. on average. giving shoppers fantastic deals across food. •Spencer's are neighborhood stores that cater to the daily and weekly top-up shopping needs of consumers. 70. At least 15. home and entertainment … all under one roof.• Retail store formats followed are: 1. ft. called Spencer’s 2. ft in size. they stock. they stock.000 sq. Ranging from 1. Convenience stores.000 items. which combine a supermarket with a department store. Hypermarkets. in size.000 sq. fashion. an assortment of fruits and vegetables. staples and frozen foods. . called Spencer’s hyper • Spencer's hyper are megastores.

with promotions carefully designed to suit the buying cycle and shopping basket of the consumers Brand Imagery – our stores and staff seek to make our customers feel right at home. with many firsts to our credit Multiple Formats – from daily to weekly and specialty shopping. stores. home. accessible. entertainment) brands.• The following characteristics distinguish the Spencer’s brand and create memorable 360° shopping experiences for consumers: Products – we offer the widest range of food and lifestyle (fashion. empathetic and trusted • • • • • • . and customer engagement programs and that too since our inception at 1863 Heritage – we are India’s oldest retailer. we fulfil every need and provide maximum convenience Promotions – we seek to offer the right products at the right time at the right price. contemporary. being international. service standards. with a special expertise in food Quality – we lay a huge emphasis on all-round quality: in products.

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