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Name : Singh Branch: Mechanical Group : 8M2 Univ. Roll No. : ** College Roll No.: **

viz. Escorts.Escorts have played a pivotal role in the agricultural growth of India for over five decades. Powertrac and Farmtrac KMC stands for KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT CENTRE.000 tractors per year. Escorts produces tractors in the 27-75 HP range -under three brand names. . It is the Research and Development wing of Escorts Ltd. It is one of the leading tractor manufacturers of the country with a manufacturing capacity of 75.

e.The R&D Centre uses advanced 3D modelling software [i. . UG NX 7.5 ] to analyse the various types of faults in the tractors and optimizing them by redesigning.

OBJECTIVE The main objective of this project is to study the various ergonomic parameters used in the designing of tractors and compare these parameters with the tractors of various rival companies and suggest the changes to be made so that the tractor becomes ergonomically comfortable to the operator of tractor . .

its movements and cognitive ability It is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interaction among humans and other elements of a system. data and methods to design in order to optimize human well-being and overall system performance. principles. .Ergonomics is the study of designing equipments and devices that fit the human body. and the profession that applies theory.

neck and back. .Agricultural workers often spend hours driving a tractor and performing various functions from working the land to the transportation part. Poor blood circulation in the legs and the potential for the degeneration of the spinal discs. This is why it is important for the machine operator to take rest and break stretches for few minutes every hour. Some of the effects of the working for long hours are pain and/or Stiffness in shoulder. Making the seat of the operator comfortable reduces a large amount of stress and thus avoiding injuries to the operator.

.The positions of the levers and switches should be such that they are in reach of the operator without him bending his back which increases the comfort level of the operator. Placement of these levers should be in such a way that there is no friction between the tractor body and the operator’s body to avoid injuries and discomfort for the operator. the seat of the operator should be designed in such a manner so as to absorb maximum amount of the vibrations the tractor is subjected to during the field operations. Further.

Anthropometry data required to draw the layout was collected from the Internet.Different tractors were selected as per the requirements of the company and the competitors tractors were also so chosen so as to compare the data. Standard values of the data to be measured was taken from the BIS standards and documents. .

A table containing the data of the result of the ergonomic study was created showing clearly the in which tractor switches and levers are inside and in which they lie outside. All these steps are repeated for the different tractors as stated above . Several ideas were suggested to improve upon the comfort of the operator as per the varied standard values.

Height of Brake Pedal from SIP (A) Height of Clutch Pedal from SIP (B) Distance b/w SIP to steering plane vertical (C) Distance b/w SIP and clutch pedal vertical plane(D) Distance b/w SIP and Brake pedal vertical plane(E) Horizontal distance b/w SIP and Brake pedal (F) Distance b/w Back Seat vertical and Pedal vertical plane(G) Distance of Gear Leaver ( speed ratio )from SIP (H) .

Distance of Gear Lever( higher-lower )from SIP (I) Distance b/w SIP and Foot Accelerator vertical plane(J) Height of Foot Accelerator from SIP(K) Angle of Clutch pedal in un pressed condition ( in degree) (ѳ) Angle of Clutch pedal in pressed condition( in degree) (ѳ’) Angle of Brake pedal in un pressed condition ( in degree) (α) Angle of Brake pedal in pressed condition ( in degree) (α’) .

E) (C) ( A. α. α’) ( F) ( G) . ѳ’.B) (ѳ.(D.

. Study and Practice on UG NX 7. Measuring all these Ergonomic parameters of prototype of upcoming models.5 Software.TASKS TO BE COMPLETED Study of Journal papers and Books regarding Ergonomic parameters used in designing of Tractor.