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2012 EMS 5th/6th Football “Keys to Success”

First Things First…
1. If you are interested in coaching, please pick up a coaching application 2. Why we need to fundraise:
• • • • Pay officials for games ($120 per game) Replace damaged or worn equipment Purchase shoulder pads ($40 per pair) Recondition helmets ($20 per helmet)

3. Fan gear

#1 Take Care of Your Body
• Eat right and get plenty of sleep…you are going to need it! • Tackle correctly…no spearing! • Football HURTS! You are going to have bumps and bruises. If the doctor says you can’t play, you can’t play!

Concussions Symptoms:
• • • • • • • • • Persistent headache Temporary Loss of Consciousness Confusion (feels like being in a “fog”) Amnesia Dizziness Ringing in the ears Nausea and vomiting Slurred speech Fatigue

There is no such thing as a “mild” concussion! If you observe these symptoms, you need to get your son to a doctor and have him cleared medically before he can return to full-contact football.

#2 Hazing
• Hazing does not build camaraderie and teamwork…it destroys it! • Respect = treating others fairly regardless of race, religion, wealth, or age
“You do not wake up one morning a bad person. It happens by a thousand tiny surrenders of self-respect to self-interest.” ~Robert Brault

#3 Team First!
• No individual is greater than the whole…do whatever it takes within the rules for us to be successful! • The Golden Rule – Never do anything that will make it hard for us to win!

#4 Be Coachable!
• Take correction as constructive criticism • You might get chewed out if you screw up • You will not be treated EQUALLY, but you will be treated FAIRLY

#5 Be Loyal
• Stand up for you teammates and coaches • Don’t point fingers when bad things happen

#6 Be Dependable
• We can’t play you if we can’t count on you • Be early and be ready! • Practices are mandatory! Missed practices will result in a reduction of playing time.
Visit for a full schedule of practices, games, and events

#7 Be a Gentleman
• Address adults correctly (Coach, Mr., Mrs., etc) • “Please”, “Thank You”, and “Excuse Me” go a long way!

#8 Be a Good Citizen
• Conduct yourself with class…do the right thing even though no one is watching! • Represent your school with pride • Obey the law and school rules and regulations

#9 Be the Best Student You Can Be
• Sit up front and pay attention • Hand in your work on time • You can’t be successful if you miss school

#10 Be a Good Family Man
• Show you appreciate your parents’ sacrifices (that means it is OK to tell Mom and Dad “I love you” and “Thanks for all you do for me”) • Show that football has made you a better person

#11 Get Your Priorities Straight
• Faith, family, and school come before football • Don’t let your social life consume all your time • Don’t play other sports during football season. (if you are playing a sport now, that sport has priority until our season officially begins in July)

#12 Respect Your Equipment
• Wash your gear at least once a week • Keep your gear secured and don’t take things that aren’t yours • Wear equipment properly and completely • Never wear anything of your own without coaches’ approval (No Captain Eastbays allowed!) • Check equipment for wear and tear and replace or repair immediately

#13 Be On Time and Pay Attention
• Be early and be ready…show up at least 15 minutes before practice with your practice pants, shoulder pads, and cleats on • Take a knee when the coach is speaking • No messing around when the coach is speaking • Wait until the coach is done speaking before you ask any questions

#14 Practice Like a Winner
• Be early and be ready! • Keep your helmet on and chinstrap buckled unless a coach lets you remove it.

• Never walk on the practice field! Run between drills! • Every repetition needs to be done with full intensity! – If you aren’t going full-speed, you WILL get hurt!

#15 Be Ready on Game Day
• Arrive an hour before the game begins with your game pants on and carrying your helmet and shoulder pads
– 6th graders: 9AM for most games – 5th graders: 10AM for most games

• If you aren’t in the game, pay attention. No messing around on the sideline. Don’t set your helmet down on the sideline • After the game, help to pick up trash on the sideline and put equipment away. Don’t leave until you are are excused.

#16 Represent Us Proudly on the Field
• Look sharp…your jersey WILL be tucked in! • No names on the back of your jersey • Stand still and be quiet during the national anthem • Don’t speak to officials unless you are a captain • Don’t retaliate. Be a good sport

#17 Be Hard-Nosed and Mentally Tough
• Suck it up when things go wrong • Be relentless and inspire others with your toughness • Football is a violent game. If you aren’t going to be physical, we can’t risk putting you into a game situation!

#18 Be Your Own Man
• Deal with coaches man-to-man • If you want to speak to a coach, please contact me by phone so we can schedule an appropriate place to meet. Don’t ambush coaches at practices or games. • Remember always that we will be honest with you if you want to talk with us (but you might not like what we have to say!)

#19 You’re a Cougar Year Round
• When you wear our jersey, you represent us! • Play another sport or train in the offseason • Take care of business in the classroom

IPF Performance Training Center

IPF Performance Training Center Jeffrey T Lyrenmann, ATC, LAT, CSCS 815/821-4637 Located on the Corner of Fairview Road and Henderson Road in Freeport, IL

#20: For Parents….
If your son isn’t playing as much as you would like or if you think he should be playing a different position, please ask yourself the following questions before you ask to meet with the coaches…
• Is he at every practice and is he on time? • Is he respectful to his coaches and teammates? • Does he hustle and work hard in practice? • Does he know his assignments? • Does he understand that football is a collision sport? Usually, parents already know the answers to these questions!


Molded Cleats

Removable Cleats

Where To Buy?
• • • • • • • (great deals!) Wal-Mart K-Mart Shopko Hibbet’s Sports (Freeport)

Mouth Guard

• Cost: $65 payable to Eastland Cougars Football • Includes: – all summer camps and practices – 6 games including the Polo Jamboree – Each player will get to keep their jersey, mouthguard, and game socks. – Each player will be issued a helmet, shoulder pads, and game and practice gear that will be returned at the conclusion of the season. – We will also have a post-season banquet and each player will get a highlight DVD • Parents must provide: cleats Registration forms and fees and fan gear orders are due next week during equipment pick-up

2011 EMS 5th/6th Grade Football “Keys to Success”