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City of Dublin City of Newark City of San Leandro City of Union City Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Unincorporated Areas of Alameda County Alameda County Regional Emergency Communications Center Accredited Center of Excellence

Supervisor Lockyer Newark Town Hall Meeting

Dynamic Organization Planning for the Future April 28, 2011
Presented by: Sheldon D. Gilbert Fire Chief
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Mission Statement and Core Values

We will provide the highest level of service to our communities by valuing our members, promoting positive leadership and dedicating ourselves to excellence Customer Service
Our Members The Organization

Strategic Management
Regional Cooperation

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History of the ACFD

Prior to 1993 Unincorporated Fire Protection
Castro Valley FPD, Eden Consolidated FPD and County Fire Patrol

July 1, 1993 Alameda County Fire Department July 1, 1995 City of San Leandro July 1, 1997 City of Dublin August 1, 2002 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory October 1, 2007 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory January 20, 2008 Alameda County Regional Emergency Communications Center (ACRECC) May 1, 2010 City of Newark July 1, 2010 City of Union City
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Alameda County Fire Department

Service Area

506 Square Miles

384, 000 citizens

Emergency Operations 427 Career Personnel and 80 Reserves/Volunteers 28 Fire Stations 25 Engines, 7 Trucks, 1 Rescue Co. & 4 Battalions (24 / 7) Specialized Operations Type I Hazardous Materials Team Type I Heavy Rescue FEMA USAR CA-TF4 D-6 Bull Dozer Water Rescue (2 rigid hulls & 3 IRBs) Emergency Preparedness (CERT) EMS Quality Assurance 2500 Gallon Water Tender 2 Cal EMA Engines

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Organization Chart

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Benefits of Regional Model

Unified response Centralized management of resources Reduction of duplication Economies of Scale Broad based funding & cost containment Ability to provide specialized services Retention of local control
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Fire Services Contract

Performance based contract
Typically a 5-year term

Service levels are determined by the City Council or Contract Manager through contract The contract includes fire suppression and fire based emergency medical services, fire prevention, disaster preparedness and administration Executive Management Oversight Committee
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Direct & Shared Allocated Cost

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Incident Responses
(May 1, 2010 March 31, 2011)
False Calls 10% Structure Fire Calls 2% Good Intent Calls 5% Service Calls 9% Other Calls 2%

HazMat Calls 3% Medical Calls 69%

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Commitment to the Community

Safe Surrender Baby Program CPR Training Support for CERT Board of Directors and Team Members Personal Emergency Preparedness Training National Night Out Fire Safety School Assemblies Fire Station Tours Vital of Life Fire Extinguisher Training Community Festivals, Events & Parades Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Program Pancake Breakfast

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Plan For the Future

ACFD has recently completed a comprehensive Strategic Business Plan that will serve to:
Support our Mission and Core Values Maximize effectiveness in concert with the organizational growth Provide employees, member agencies, and the community an avenue for meaningful and ongoing input

Address fiscal challenges and opportunities alike

The Strategic Business Plan will serve as the roadmap for the ACFD by:
Protecting emergency response capabilities Allowing for a true partnership with our communities served with respect to solutions for fiscal challenges and economic growth Providing a plan to gain efficiency without increasing costs for other partners Enhancing a participative decision making process and internal and external communications

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Strategic Business Plan Initiatives

Staffing (Administrative, Fire Prevention and Operations) Training Succession Planning / Career Development Internal Communications Fire and Dispatch Consolidations Marketing Workplace Diversity Finance: Revenue Enhancement, Expenditures and Capital Replacement Policy Development and Decision-Making Performance Measurement Sustainability

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2011 Focus and Goals

Strategic Business Plan roll out and initiation Service integration in Newark and Union City

Public /private partnerships/ Paramedics Plus

Dispatch Expansion (ACRECC)

Operations Complex
Health Care Clinics

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2011 Focus and Goals

Manage the Economic Downturn
Protect emergency response capabilities Be a part of the local solution to solvency Gain efficiency without increasing costs for other partners Grow and spread overhead costs to show savings to all partners Aggressively pursue alternative funding
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