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 Singapore is the center of action in Asia. Hong Kong. Macau  Telecommunications service providers  Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturers  4/29/12 . foothold in China.Introduction Incorporated as Mahindra-British Telecom.  One of the India’s top software exporters.

Telecommunication Industry Telecom Industry could be categories into two segments:- 4/29/12 .

TSP  Historically level  Either state owned or govt controlled private entities  Privatization and liberalization  Changes in fixed line services  Transformation to mobile services  Growth  Focus on innovative value added services  Need to invest in Next generation networks to carry voice and data. 4/29/12 monopoly control at national .

switching. BSS § OSS cover actual operations of network-signalling.TEM Provide equipments to TSPs  Development in TC services fuelled the TEM market  Played a major role in migration of TSPs to Next Generation Networks. transmission § BSS cover non network related functions-billing and CRM § Fixed line revenues of Cost reduced. strategic alliances to reduce R&D 4/29/12 costs  . § Main areas are OSS. TSPs increased § IT sourcing.

Ø Used a model that integrate delivery function and domain knowledge. Ø 4/29/12 . Ø It served premium telecom companies worldwide. Ø It is a Joint Venture between Mahindra & Mahindra and British Telecom..Contd. Ø Eight largest software exporter in India. Incorporated on 24th October 1986.

Services Provided by the company could be categorized into three segments 4/29/12 .

Uk and some delivery was also carried out in client offices  MASTER methodology supported delivery model for the solution for the clients which enable them to continuous improvement 4/29/12 relationship with client . .Infrastructure  The firm had a decentralized delivery model comprising 12 independent delivery units supported by competency and solution units  Firm added value to client business  IDUS operated from 9 delivery center located across India apart from these .there was a delivery center in Milton Keynes.

 The sales and marketing strategy based upon geographic segments and client engagement organization  Marketing strategy forming relationship with packaged software vendors and equipment 4/29/12 .Sales And Marketing  Sales team identifies opportunities and potential .

 Relationships with key software vendors.  Efficient delivery model.  Strategic position in the TEM segment through acquisition of Axes Technologies.  Domain knowledge. 4/29/12 .  Experienced management team.  Recognised parentage.  Established client relationships.Competitive strengths  Exclusive focus on the growing telecommunications industry.

Business Strategy  Grow and enhance business from existing clients. 4/29/12 .  Augment capabilities through acquisitions and joint ventures.  Strengthen brand name in the Indian and global IT services market.  Diversify client base and expand into new geographies.

 Continue to attract. train and retain high quality employees. 4/29/12 . Increase productivity and efficiency.

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