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Chapter 8- Software selection

Software types • • • • • Text editor Word processer Desktop publisher Database package Spreadsheet package • Charting package • Presentation authoring package • • • • Web browser E-mail editor Graphics package Programming languages .

word pad within Microsoft windows. . • Can be used to write programming codes( HTML) and edit system files. • Often supplied with the operating system • Examples : .Text editor • Allows you to type and edit plain text.Notepad.

• Defining page layout and document formatting • Example – Microsoft word. .Word processor • Allows you to create. edit and format documents.

Desktop publishing • Has the ability to manipulate images and text with more features. • Greater control over layout • Prepares documents for advertisement • Example.Microsoft publisher .

• Example is Microsoft Access. where data items are linked together within the database. • The database gives structure to the data and gives the tools to interrogate the data. • Its managed by the database management system( DBMS).Data base package • A data base is a collection of data that have links between them. . • Databases can be flat file ( a simple table) or relational.

Spread sheet package • Data is arranged in rows and columns • Very good at performing calculations and modeling situations • You can try out’ what if scenarios’ in financial situations • Example.Microsoft Excel .

Charting package • Allows you to create a variety of different graphs and charts. • Its separate from excel or databases • Example – in this book. we use it in excel .

sound clips maybe included.Presentation authoring package • Allows you to create presentations and displays • Text. images. • Example – Microsoft PowerPoint . video clips.

• Text.Web Browser • Allows you to display webpages from an intranet-( within an organization or a LAN) and the internet ( WWW). sound clips maybe included on these webpages. images. Google chrome. videos. . • Example :Microsoft internet explorer.

email editors that operate within a web browser is Hotmail. edit and send messages and read e-mail messages from other users.Dedicated programs such as Microsoft outlook . . • You can attach documents to the emails • Example .E-mail editor • Allows you to prepare. create.

lines. . • Bitmap graphics stores the detail of each pixel of a drawing so if an image is enlarged or reduced it can appear pixilated . mathematical equations. curves. polygons. vector graphics and bitmap graphics. • Vector graphics draws points.Graphics package • Allows you to create and manipulate images • Two types of graphic packages.

spreadsheet or database packages) .Programming languages • Used to write code that will preform a task within the computer. • A computer program follows a sequence of instructions to perform a pre-defined function. • Example : macros (within word processor.