Your life is what you make it!

6 COMPONENTS OF RICHES • • • • • • Realization – To know who you are Integration – To connect your life activities Communication – To share/bond with others Happiness – To enjoy your life Enterprise – To set and attain goals Skill – To work on improving your life .

REALIZATION • Realization of yourself – is understood during the process of Divination (reading of your life) • Who are you – (discovered by spiritual means during Mediumistic Investigation of Spirit-guides and Ancestors (MISA) • Discovering your creative essence – (during MISA) • Making a life chart.(knowing the time you have available in which to create • Finding your Friday Night Essence – (expressing what you do best in life) .

INTEGRATION • Mini-Day schedule aspects of your life – Spiritual: • Raising your spiritual vibrations – Mental: • Learning new things – Physical: • Keeping your body healthy – Emotional: • Balancing your emotions – Social: • Interacting with others – Financial: • Earning & Spending Money .

COMMUNICATION • How do you communicate • Who do you bond with • What connections do you have -social -spiritual -mental -physical • What do you do with these connection .

HAPPINESS • • • • • • • Who/what do you give/receive contentment Who/what do you give/receive joy Who/what do you give/receive love Who/what do you give/receive satisfaction Do you like your level of self-esteem Do you give/receive kindness Who/What do you give/receive laughter .

ENTERPRISE • • • • What is your enterprise(s) What do you have a passion to do How bold are you to do it What difficult plans or projects do you have .

SKILLS SPELL FAITH • • • • • Find gaps in what you already do Access what you need to do Improve on what you already know Train on what you want to do Have the will to do it .

• It also entails knowing about those who came before you. and things about yourself that connects you to them.Realization-Knowing Yourself • Knowing who you are entails getting a broader understanding of yourself. • It is about examining the things that you are drawn to . your likes and your dislikes by testing your boundaries to see what you are good at. your ancestors.

ELIMINATE THE DAAGGERS • • • • • • • Depression Anxiety Anger Guilt Generates Early Retirement .

joy.MAKE IT SIMPLE • • • • • • Survive-Choose to survive and all else is good Invest-Increase your Pleasure not your Pain Manage-Benefit from your life activities Participate-By living socially with others Live-In Intensity and closeness with others Experience-love. freedom and good health .