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By Mohammed Safiudeen.V.M Muthu Kumara Bharati.R Raveendhiran.C.N Guided By K.Manikanda Subramanian.M.E.

, Asst Proffesor,Dept of Mechanical Engg, CIET.

 To control the polluted gases emitted by two stroke engine by baffle plates. we can control the pollution efficiently by using this system. it is used to absorb the dust particles in the smoke. . dust extractor controllers and a purifier.   Due to the arresting of dust particles. Grease is used as an extractor.

The grease is applied in outer surface of the baffle plates. Inside that cylinder. The most of the carbon particles are deposited in the baffle plates. which touches the grease applied baffle plate surface. The polluted gas from the silencer is directly pass to the hollow cylinder. When the exhaust gas is entered into the cylinder. baffle plates are fixed and rotated by an electric motor.   .

 Carbon monoxide Oxides of nitrogen Lead Photo chemical smog Smoke      Hydrocarbons .

      Hollow cylinder Plain shaft DC – Motor Baffle Plates NLGI – 6 Grade grease Bearing .

SL.NO COMPONENTS MATERIALS QUANTITY 1 Dc motor Cast iron 1 2 Hollow cylinder Mild steel 1 3 Baffle plates Mild steel 1 4 Bolt and nut Mild steel - 5 Connecting shaft Mild steel - 6 Bearing steel - 7 Connecting pipe steel - .

Major reactions: CO + NoX = CO2 + N2 CO + ½ o2 = CO2 .

one end is placed inside the hollow cylinder and another end is extended up to the motor Then it is connected to the rotor shaft of the motor by means of coupling   The power connections are made by wires between the motor and battery of the respected vehicle The power connections are made by wires between the motor and battery of the respected vehicle The baffle plates are coated with carbon arresting grease.   . The hollow cylinder consists of two port one is inlet and another one is exit. The shaft of.

baffle plates should be cleaned by removing from the hollow cylinder. And also re-apply the grease    . Shaft rotates. When an air enters into the cylinder. its start rotating. When the gas touches the baffle plates. When the shaft rotates. Every 3000 km of vehicle. When the motor rotates. helical shaped baffle plates are also rotates. it becomes contact with the baffle plates. When the dc-motor gets the power from battery. At the same time baffle plates are rotated by the dc-motor. the grease absorbs the carbon particles in the exhaust gas.

 Reduction of air pollution  Cost is less Maintenance is easy   Easily fixed in all vehicle Less weight Grease is readily available Cleaning and re-apply is also easy    .

. Champ.We can use this system in following kinds of vehicles.  ..  Two-Stroke SI engine E.g. Four stroke SI engine E. etc.: Herohonda splender. TVS victor.: TVS 50.g. Samurai etc. Scooters.