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A Study On Marketing Communication Of Marketing Advertising Research Solution (MARS)

Submitted To: Indra Shrestha (Faculty Member)

Submitted By: Narayan Sharma Bebina Pradhan Bikki Thapa Manoj Bogeti Anil K Jha Modern Nepal College Bagbazar Katmandu Nepal.

Votes of Thanks

We would like to express sincere thanks to our respected teacher Mr. Indra Shrestha for his guidance and support for the preparation of this report. We want to give a lot of thanks to Mr.Santosh Shrestha (Chief Executive Officer) of Marketing Advertising Research Solution (MARS) Pvt. Ltd. and Ms Neena Shrestha , Ms Lalita Nakarmi , Mr. Rajan Maharjan, Ms Nirmala Dhakal, and Ms Jyoti Acharya for providing the relevant data for the preparation of this report We also provide thanks to all the teachers, friends and management of the college for their cooperation and help to prepare this report.

Introduction to Project Work

Project works are done mainly for the purpose of finding some underlying factors regarding to certain aspect of organization. It helps students and other interested people to fulfill their course requirements and the concerned organization to know about their god as well as bad position. They may get valuable suggestions with the help of this project report. This project work is mainly concerned with the introduction, functions, organizational structure and finding the major problem regarding one of the top and famous advertising agencies, Marketing Advertising Research solution (MARS) PVT. LTD. This project is more helpful for us to complete the requirement of our course Marketing Communication. This project is helpful for all who are interested in this subject and particularly MARS.

Background of Project Work

As we know that, BBA program is practical subject. Students of this field should submit project report in every semester because it is directly related to the application of theoretical knowledge we gained into practical world. This report is submitted for the partial fulfillment of the requirement for BBA 6th semester Marketing Communication. Indra Shrestha our concerned teacher provides basic idea for the preparation of this project report.

It is more about the growing field of new innovation in knowledge and experience and globalizes advertising business competitive world.

Objectives of the Study

Fulfilling the requirement of marketing communication and advertisement BBA 6th semester. Identifying, evaluating and analyzing the different aspects of advertising agency. Identifying the structure of advertisement agency and how each department are coordinated for the development of advertisement. Finding out the problem of advertising agency. Suggesting to solve the problem

Significances of the study

First of all we will ourselves be benefited because we learn about how to collect data, prepare report and how to present in front of the mass. Our classmates will get knowledge about the structure and operation of Nepalese advertising agencies. This report may be the reference to our juniors for collecting such type of information, so they will also be benefited indirectly. This field visit helps in the promotion of MARS, so agency is also benefited too.

Limitations of the Study

As we visit MARS, we have to be awaited for more than two hours to meet the respective person for data collection, but we cant meet him that day. In our second visit, we cant reach to the agency at the time appointed by the agency because of student movement against inflation, which create us the problem too. Our interviewee, CEO of MARS is a teacher of another college, so he goes through theoretical perspective rather than MARS perspective.

Due to continuous exams and limitation o time, we cant prepare the report in time.

Research Methodologies

We had use interview method for collecting most of the data from Marketing Advertising Research solution (MARS) PVT. LTD.
We had also use Questionnaire method for data collection.

We had collect data from telephone talk also.

Concept of Organization of Advertising Business

Advertising is an important tool of market promotion.

It is the function of marketing and pushes the product into market for bigger sales. When a firm has decided upon an advertising program a part of its overall program mix, it needs to have a system and an organization to implement it for the attainment of the desired objective. Firms do have an advertising publicity department to manage the advertising function. The advertising department is merely a liaison point in the company for the agency, though it is responsible for the advertising budget and supervises the performance of the agency. Almost Every business undertakes advertising. Advertising agency constitute an integral part of advertising business. Other institutions are facilitation institutions, media, advertiser, research agencies. Press, etc.

Organization of Advertising Business


Advertising Agencies

Facilitating Institutions


Target Audiences


Advertisers are the important and core of the advertisement system who provide financial resource to create and lunch the advertising campaigns. They may be marketing firms, resellers, governments, social groups and individuals. Examples: Unilever (for health care products), Surya Nepal (Cigarettes), Bottlers Nepal (Cold Drinks), etc.

Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies work between advertisers and Medias. The main role of Advertising agency is to create advertising materials and place them in the media. They handle overall marketing and branding strategies and sales promotion for its clients who can be hires for one time advertisement or for continuous advertisement of products and services. Examples: Thompson Nepal, Media Hub Pvt. Ltd., Marketing Advertising Research Solution (MARS), etc.


The third component of advertising business constitute of media which facilitate to expose the advertisement to the target audience. Above-the-line media Below-the-line Media

Facilitating Institutions

Facilitating instructions assist the advertisers and advertising agency in the development of advertisement. They include market research agencies, modeling agencies, painters and artists, printing press and movie companies.

Target Audience

All advertisements are targeted at target audience. The major role played by audience in the advertisement business is to view, read and listen the advertisement in the various media and give feedback in term of reactions and actions. The reactive role of audience comes in the form of comment, suggestions, and feedback.

Introduction to Advertising Agency

The advertising agency works between the advertisers and the media. The main role of an advertising agency is to create and produce advertising materials and place them in the media. The importance of advertising agency has been growing over the years due to the need to develop more creative advertisements. There are various types of advertising agencies, some work as agents for the media and perform the work of placing advertisements in various media on a commission on sales basis.

Roles of advertising agencies

Creative: Production Media planning and scheduling Financial

Support services

Types of advertising agencies

Media agents or independent Medium-sized agencies

Full-service agencies

Functions and Services of advertising Agency


Planning Preparing Placing


Service to Clients Service to Media Service to Society

Organization Structure of Advertising


Chief Executive Officer

Account Management Department

Account planning Department

Internal Service Department

Media Planning Department

Traffic Department

Creative Department

Print-product Department

Human Resource Department

Finance Department

Role of Advertising Manager

Planning and Budgeting Implementation Hiring Advertising Agency Coordination and Information

Creative Thinking

Function of Advertisement Manager

Advertising Functions:

Determining the Advertisement Objectives Preparing Advertisement Budget Selecting Advertising Agency Design Advertising Strategy Supervise the Creative Process Arrange for Release Evaluating Ad Effectiveness

Managerial Functions

Administer Advertising Department Coordinate with Other Department

Undertake public Relation

Control Advertising Expenditure


Marketing Advertising Research solution (MARS) PVT. LTD

Marketing Advertising Research Solution (MARS) was established in 2003. It is one of the members of the Advertising Association of Nepal (AAN). AAN is apex body having more than 100 members associated. MARS is one of the active members of AAN dedicated to develop professionalism in the field of advertising.

Objectives of MARS Creating growth from simple innovative Ideas

Other Objectives

To develop professional in the advertising sector. To be pioneer in the field of the advertising. To motivate young in the field. To cater every needs of customers in Mass Media advertising with creativity & media consultancy and research. To combine concrete and well heeled experience from top Ad. Agencies of Nepal and abroad to substantiate vision of customers

To have a deep understanding of diverse needs of our clients and make every effort with effort with professional diligence for excellent result.

What MARS Offer?

Strategic Planning and Conceptualization. FM Networking throughout the country. PR Campaign

Media Planning and Execution.

Media-production/supervision. Grass-root level interactions with Target Audience. Focus Group Discussion


Star FM 95.2 MHZ, Ktm. Kalika FM 95.2 MHZ, Chitwan Metro FM 94.6 MHZ, Ktm. Radio Birjunj 99 MHZ, Birjunj Annapurna FM 93.4 MHZ, Pokhara Radio Narayani 103.8 MHZ, Birjunj Synergy FM 91.6 MHZ Pratidhowoni Media P. Ltd. 97 MHZ, Daman Crity Award

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure or organizational chart of MARS can be divided into various departments. Each department has its own objective, functions and roles to perform to contribute to the main objective of the organization. The structure of MARS is just like a functional management.

Team of MARS
Client Service Department 5

Creative Department Media Department Research Department Business Development Department

5 3 3 2

Finance Department
Administrative Department


Infrastructure Of Mars

Organizational Chart
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Client Service Department

Creative Department

Media Department

Research Department

Business Development

Finance Department

Administrativ e Department

Client Service Department

This department acts as a bridge between clients and agency.

All the works of the agency begin from this department. It deals with the client and distributes the work to the department which can be solving the problem of the clients. This department deals with all other department. So to handle this department one should have general knowledge of all other department.


This department identifies the requirement of the client and act accordingly. It coordinates with other department to fulfill the requirement of client. This department acts as a bridge between clients and agency.

Creative Design Department

The major functions in this department are related with visualization, copywriting, production and traffic.
This department accepts the orders as input from client service department and act according to requirement. This department is mainly responsible to create analyze and design the raw concept into processed form. It decides which design should be used to attract client, which method and tools should be used, which


Collection of matters Concept development

Use of color, photography, illustration, and text study about new concept and generation of new creative idea for best design
Functions related with copywriting

Revenue Department

This department is mainly responsible for revenue collection. It deals with client and decide how and when to collect revenue. The department accepts bills forwarded by media and other department and make proper contact with customers to collect revenues.


Billing works

Relationship management
Record keeping Collecting money

Accounting and Finance Department

This department is also called account service department. It has account executive who handles the jobs of different clients (Account). Account executives are the link between the advertising agency and client. The main function of this department is service sells and purchase. It is also responsible for proper record keeping, accounting and financial planning and other administrative work of department.


Sales and purchase of service Record Keeping Administrative function

Media Department

The media department is staffed with media analyst, media planner and media buyer. It is responsible for keeping track of media audience, media cost and competitors spending and advertisement. It develops the media plans and the strategy is coordinated with account executive. This department is responsible for budget allocation in terms of various media. This department maintains close contact with the media and buys space and time slots. This department maintains relation with media through media hub. The department release printed, audio visual advertising and much more.


Media Planning Media Placement Release ad to media

Purchase of time and space

Maintain Relation

Research Department

Research department is responsible for conducting commercial and social research program. They perform research not only for business but also from social organization like NGO and INGO on contract basis. The research division in an advertising agency conducts various types of advertising tests and researches. Research includes concept testing, copy testing, conducting, tracking studies and measuring advertising effectiveness.

Business Development Department

This department is the head department having coordination and network with all other departments. It performs top level works as well as general levels in the department. It approaches to major clients, make contact with the contact, generate business and present profile hunt potential client. It also performs major administrative works and has a control and coordination over all other departments.


Business generation Profile presentation Hunt potential client Administrative function

Advertisement Development Process

Deal with client Assign to Creative department

Assign to client service department

Assign to media department Revenue Collection, Accounting And Feedback Collection

Skills Required by Advertisement Manager

Brain Storming ie idea generation Overall management of advertising agency ie POSLC Dealing with work team effectively for the development of advertisement. Prompt and right decision making

Motivating the employees for their better performance

Mediating with business organizations

Challenges and Issues

Unhealthy competition Lack of professional manpower Unnecessary discount and offer Lack of sufficient budget Competition from Indian market Weak government policy Mentality of Public/clients Political instability

Roles/Functions of Advertisement manager

The main role of advertisement manager is to manage the agency effectively and efficiently. He is also responsible for overall planning, organizing, leading and controlling of the agency.

He provides direction to all the departments ie client-service, media, creative, finance, etc.
After preparation of advertisement, he is responsible for selection of appropriate media for release it. He should play important role in maintaining good relation with the business organizations as well as the media

Major Clients

Agni Incorporate Ambe Cement Asian Life Insurance Clean Energy Development Bank Cosmic Education Morang Auto Sangrilla Development Bank Unique Finance Spice Nepal Air Floor


Every business organizations undertake advertisement as an important tool for the coverage of large market at a particular point of time for promotion of their business.
It is organized method of mass communication to inform, persuade, remind and reinforce target customers about the product. Advertising agencies create and produce advertising materials and place them in the media. The importance of advertising agency has been growing over the years due to the need to develop more creative advertisements. Media plays the important role for facilitating to expose the advertisement to the target audience. All advertisements are targeted at target audience. The major role played by audience in the advertisement business is to view, read and listen the advertisement in the various media and give feedback in term of reactions and actions.

There are numerous advertising agencies in Nepal; among them MARS is one of the top advertising agency. It works as a team for the creation and development of any advertisement. The overall structure of MARS is divided into major seven departments including; client service department, media department, creative department, etc. Each department has its own objective, functions and roles to perform to contribute to the main objective of the organization. Due to Unhealthy competition between the agencies, lack of professional manpower, lack of sufficient budget, competition from Indian market and weak government policy, MARS has to face a lot of problems.


S.A. Chunawalla and K.C. Sethia Foundation of Advertising Agrawal G.R. Marketing Communication and Advertising
Koirala K. D. Marketing Communication and Advertising

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