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Power of Vision

Dr. Ravi Dasari

What is the essence of success?

Begin with End in Your Mind (Vision) Achievement Motivation Ability to Communicate Effectively Ability to Manage time Smart Work Character Emotional Intelligence

Joel Barker
THE POWER OF VISION Vision without action is but a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.

As Humans, we have the unique ability to envision our future and see our selves making our dreams come true.

All great individuals, corporations have been driven by vision of what they wanted to do, be and have.

Who Envisions


Knowledge (what to, why to)

Skills (how to) Desire (want to)



Integrity Maturity Abundance Mentality Interdependency

Technical skills Qualifications Knowledge Experience



Strokes are the recognition one person gives another These begin in infancy as hugs Later in life become more verbal/abstract

Stroking is defined as any act of giving recognition and importance to another. Example: You performed well, your dress is really good According to psychology, all people have hunger for strokes. In almost every transaction, in fact, we seek strokes. Strokes are very much important and unavoidable to our life satisfaction. If we dont get positive strokes, we will even try to get, at least, some negative strokes.

Types of Strokes
Positive Conditional Strokes Positive Unconditional Strokes Negative strokes

Types of Strokes (Contd)

Positive strokes are those recognitions from others, which when received makes us happy. The examples given above are in fact positive strokes. Negative strokes are those negative recognitions (criticisms, punishment etc.) from others, which when received makes us unhappy (though we get a bit strange and crude pleasure of getting the recognition of the other). Your performance was very poor, get out from this place are examples of negative strokes.

Positive strokes
Praise Positive feedback Compliments Expressions of appreciation Good reports

Negative strokes
Non-constructive criticism Negative judgements Insults Expressions of disapproval Bad reports

Life positions
I am okay, you are not okay I am not okay, you are okay I am not okay, you are not okay I am okay, you are okay

Realize that every person has a hunger for strokes. Also, understand that many situations of conflicts are, in fact, attempts by the other party to seek strokes. Give as much positive strokes as possible. As far as possible, avoid negative strokes; at least convert them into mixed strokes. Realize that a no stroke situation is equally or more dangerous than a negative stroke.


Not Urgent

. . . Crisis Pressing problems Deadline-driven projects, meetings, preparations

. . . . . . . Preparation Prevention Values clarification Planning Relationship building True re-creation Empowerment

Not Important

. . . . . Interruptions, some phone calls Some mail, some reports Some meetings Many proximate, pressing matters Many popular activities

. . . . . . Trivia, busywork Some phone calls Time wasters Escape activities Irrelevant mail Excessive TV