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Role of Technology in Curriculum Implementation

A strategy for curriculum change involves creating conditions for productive work. .Curriculum Change must be Goal directed.

It requires many kinds of competencies. .Curriculum change involves a large amount of training. Change always involves human and emotional factors.

. How people react to proposed changes is greatly influenced by the kind of climate for change that the curriculum leader has created.•Curriculum change requires skilled leadership.


Curriculum leaders encounters in getting cooperation stems from the people’s lack of how the change will affect them. . He can head off many objections and can develop a plan to present the change.

Staff people can be a great help in preparing to sell a change by explaining technical aspects and demonstrating new techniques. .

People’s objections and knowing these can be drawn out to advantages. People should feel that the change is really best for them. .

Introduce the benefits to the people so they will be motivated to cooperate. .

. they should be treated with respect.People affected by the change have the right to be heard.

How the change has affected the people involved and the willingness to make adjustments help build the climate in which future changes will be initiated. .

Two of the most common methods in curriculum change are by means of Work Conference Method and Discussion Groups.a participatory process used to provide the widest possible involvement of the professional staff and the community members. Work Conference Method. Discussion Groups.important means of providing in-service growth of the school personell. .

share syllabi with other faculty. . and sere as a resource person before and during the school-wide implementation of the curriculum.The teacher who conduct the pilot testing should conduct demo lessons.

. postobservation conferences and conduct or encourage demonstration teaching while the curriculum is being implemented. The teachers play the most crucial role.Instructional supervisors do classroom observation.


or simply technology. .Instructional media may also be referred to as media technology or learning technology. Technology plays a crucial role in delivering instruction to learners.


what would be cost in acquiring the equipment or producing the lesson in Audio or Visual Form? .Is the equipment already prepared lesson material available? If not.

not learning? .Is the medium suitable to the learners’ ability to comprehend? Will the medium be a source of plain amusement or entertainment.

Will the chosen media fit the set instructional event. resulting in either information. motivation or psychomotor display? .

Over-all. does the medium help in achieving the learning objective(s)? .


Upgrading the quality of teaching-and-learning in schools Increasing the capability of teacher to effectively inculcate learning. and for students to gain mastery of lessons and courses .

Broadening the delivery of education outside schools through non-traditional approaches to formal and informal learning. . such as Open Universities and lifelong learning to adult learners.

Revolutionizing the use of technology to boost educational paradigm shifts that give importance to student-centered holistic learning .

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