ICGFM May 2, 2012

Overview of ICGFM and Looking Forward Linda Fealing, President


ICGFM Mission
Our Missions includes three key elements 1. It highlights that, within the international community, The Consortium is unique – it serves as an “umbrella” bringing together diverse governmental entities, organizations and individuals. 2. Welcomes a broad array of financial management practitioners working in all levels of government. 3. Emphasizes the organization’s focus on activities to promote professional development and the exchange of information Bi-annual conferences (Miami and Washington, DC) Monthly Forums ICGFM International Journal


ICGFM Purposes & Objectives
• Exchange Information & ideas • International clearinghouse of information relevant to government financial management • Research, training & publicizing results • Liaisons to better promote mutual objectives • Maintenance of high professional standards among governmental financial managers • Stimulate governments to recognize the critical importance of improved professional management of public resources • Collaborate in development programs which channel technical assistance to developing countries.


ICGFM Membership
• Sustaining
– Major stakeholders in improving governmental financial management through financial and/or technical assistance – Actively participate in determining the direction and activities of the Consortium through a seat on the Board of Directors and participation in other leadership positions. – Reduced meeting and conference fees for up to 20 members of their organization – Dues are $1,000 annually


ICGFM Membership
• Organization
– Public and Private organizations committed to working with others in the professional community to leverage learning and networking activities through the work of our “umbrella” organization – Six organization level members sit on the Board of Directors – Reduced meeting and conference fees for up to five members of their organization. – Dues are $250 for developed/$150 for developing countries annually

ICGFM Membership
• Individual
– Individual members are persons interested in or dedicated to financial management activities who wish to be members in their own right – Six individual members sit on the Board of Directors – Individual members receive reduced registration for meetings and conferences
– Dues are $100 for developed countries and $50 for developing countries


• Opportunities for growth, learning, company participation and exposure
– – – – – – – – Links to global partners Networking Access to Research Continuing Professional Education Credits Access to valuable presentations Active web site and social networking Blog Sponsorships

ICGFM Next Steps
• Become a member today....
– join the broad array of accountants, auditors, comptrollers, treasurers, budgeters, information technologist, policy makers and others who share our mission! – Visit our Registration/Information center


Good Governance
• Enables people throughout the world to pursue their hopes and dreams. • Rests on a base that includes sound financial management. • Join ICGFM in the pursuit of our mutual goals.


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