National Transitional Jobs Network Conference Restoring the Promise of Work Opportunities for Older Workers

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Senior Community Service Employment Program

Real people, real lives, and real communities

U.S. Labor Statistics

Jobless people, age 55 and over, remain unemployed an average of 53 weeks.

Age and Economy are Barriers

They did not plan to be here

38% had already retired

Reasons for Working


46 percent of older job seekers say they sometimes have to choose between paying rent, purchasing food, or purchasing medication.

Employment & Unemployment

Nearly 7 in 10 American workers plan to continue to work full-time or part-time following retirement from their main jobs

The future American workplace

Labor shortage is ahead, thanks to a lower birth rate and baby boomers retiring.

Rural Communities Training & Education

Aging Network

Older Workers
Low Income/Low Skilled Workers Community Service/Civic Engagement

Workforce/ Economic Development

The Senior Community Service Employment Program

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Every county in every US state and territory Dual mission community service and employment Effective jobs program even in difficult economy Rapid response to low income older workers desperate for work Cut 45% this year Sequestration would create additional cuts

Senior Community Service Employment Program
Authorized Positions for National and State Grantees and Territories

Difference between PY 2010 & PY 2012 SCSEP Positions




PY 2010 Authorized Positions PY 2011 Authorized Positions





Success Stories
Supporting a family of five, Jose lost his job after 30 years. The Senior Community Service Employment Program helped him find work as a security guard. “I am grateful to the Experience Works SCSEP for giving me training, motivation and hope.”
Jose E. Santiago Perez, Jr., age 58 Salinas, Puerto Rico

Success Stories

“Tom” had been living at a Mission in Norfolk, Nebraska for a long time. Once he was enrolled in the SCSEP, he got an apartment and attended Job Club.

After just 3 short months on the program he got a job with a plumber making $18.00 an hour.

Success Stories

“I was ready to give up, but the Experience Works Senior Community Service Employment Program provided a light a the end of a very long tunnel. My life has been turned transformed.”
Abingdon, Virginia

Employers Value Older Workers

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Experience Works
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