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ICGFM 26th Annual International Conference

PEFA First Open Forum
“Meeting the Needs of all PEFA Stakeholders”
3-4 May , 2012

Miami, Florida, USA

10 Years of PEFA Achievements and the Way Forward

PEPA: Its Application and Strategic Direction in Nepal

Mahesh P. Dahal
PEFA Secretariat Ministry of Finance Government of Nepal

PEFA and Nepal
Recapping PEFA

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PEFA Assessment Report 2008 revealed that the overall PFM Performances of Nepal was very weak. The scores were:
Recipient Side: A= 1, B= 3, C+= 8, C= 9, D+= 7 out of 28 Donor Practice: D = 3

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PEFA Steering Committee / Working Committee 2009 PEFA Secretariat 2009 PFM Strategy and Development Action Plan (DAP) PEFA is considered as:
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An Integrated Public Financial Management Reform agenda of GoN, A framework to improve financial transparency and accountability, A tool to reduce fiduciary risk and , A means to achieve PFM efficiency

PEFA and Nepal...
PEFA Implementation Structure
National Planning Commission (NPC)

Steering Committee Working Committee

Public Account

Committee (PAC)
Other Agencies • OAG • PPMO • CIAA • NVC • Local PFM Donor Forum • ICAN • ASB • CSOs

Line Ministries and Departments


Line Agencies and Paying Offices



PEFA Secretariat


PEFA and Nepal…
Key Ongoing PEFA Activities

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Internship / Thesis and Innovative Grant on PEFA /PFM Local PFM Donors Forum at PEFA Secretariat

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Aid Management Platform at MOF
PEFA Resources Center in Nepal Sectoral and Sub-National PEFA Strategy and Indicators Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) Repeat PEFA Assessment (2012)

Way Forward
       
Regional networking of PEFA/PFM Institutions More events of training , seminar, workshop , meeting and sharing programs Regular Regional /International PEFA Forums Documentation of “PEFA Best Practices” and their dissemination Roaster of PEFA Assessment Experts Develop Community of PEFA Practitioners Better Networking among Governments, International Institutions and Consulting Firms More professional inputs and support from PEFA Secretariat.

Way Forward...
Sustainability Framework
Enforcement of Globally agreed Indicators, Standards and Norms 1. Ownership, Internalization and Mainstreaming of the Framework

Cross Cutting

2. Political Commitment, Bureaucratic Will and CSOs Support


5. Cooperation
from International Development Partners

6. Systems, Processes and Institutions

3. Structural Integration and Positive Responses from key Stakeholders

Institutionalization of PEFA Framework Leading to Good Financial Governance

4. Systematic Harmonization and Virtual CollaborationNational/Regional and Global

National, Regional and International Networking, Knowledge and Skills Transfer through Capacity Development Strategies


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