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SUBMITTED TO Mr. Harkeerat Singh Mr.

Vikrant Bhagwan




A retailer in sector 48 Chetan communication is saying

that no one from company has visited him so far. He is facing the problem while outport of MNP. Now this shop is no more. Another retailer in Sector 48 Jain Brothers is facing the problem while easy recharge and during activation .

There is only one retailer in sector 49. The name of shop

is Jindal gift shop. He says that there no customers in sector 49 of Aircel therefore sale is less. He wants that company should give full talk value in first FRC. He wants the Std call rates should be decreased like Vodafone is giving 25p/min call rate on std. His cheque worth Rs 10000 is still pending with company as he gave up doing APP.He wants all his expired Sim cards to be changed with fresh ones.

Sector 50
Sector 50 is still under developed so there is no retailer.

The residents of this area use the Market of Sector 49

Sector 51
There is only one retailer in sector 50. The name of shop

is Mani Departmental store. He stopped doing the sales of sim cards of all companies due to less commission.

No one has visited Shivam Telelinks till now. He wants

some one from company visit him frequently. M.k.Audio hut the shopkeeper needs some one to guide him.


Saini departmental store and Garg departmental store

in phase 7 have stopped selling the AIRCEL sim cards because no one has visited them from last 6 months. They send back the customers who come to them for Recharge also.

Adhunik is facing the problem while activating new

Aircel connections. The activation done by them takes almost 3 hours to start the services for the customer Anmol Mobile shops tells that the services given by Aircel is slow. Working done by the distributer is not good. He needs to call the distributer to get the fresh stock

Mobile Hut owner is not ready to talk to us

Music point says that he is not facing any problem as he

is very new to company

Bhamra Studio says that he is not facing any problem

as the sales of Aircel from his shop is very less

Raman Medicos says that he is facing the signal

problem in his shop therefore he is not recommending any one to purchase Aircel connections.

Anmol communication says that he is not facing

any problem with Aircel.

Gurunanak Stationery says his demo is not working

from last 3 months due to which he is neither able to activate new sim cards nor he is able make recharge. He made complaints to the person visiting him several times but no solution has come out till date.

Purba genral store tells that the recharge

confirmation comes to him very late. The customers account gets recharged but he doesnt receive any sms from the company

Retailers want us to improve our network more

They are asking for more good schemes They are asking for full talkvalue to be given on all

FRC as other companies are giving Some retailers are saying that there should be a choice in new sim between the activation of internet and other value added services.

Some retailers are saying that the std call rates should

be decreased like Vodafone is charging 25p/min on std Some retailers are facing problem while outport of MNP from Aircel. Mani Departmental store is saying that he will start doing business and let others with Aircel if he receives the commission of 7-8% on every transaction The employeess of distributers should start visiting the retailers on regular basis in phase 5 &7 Mohali

Retailers want us to increase the advertisement so that

more customers are attracted. Retailers are saying that the promises made by company in the starting of the company have not been fulfilled. Delux Radio in phase 5 wants the poster to put on his wall and regularly updated Some of the customers like mobile number 9803199111 get the deduction in there account automatically without activating any service.

Cyber cafe in Phase 11 needs the board with the lights

to be put on the entrance of the shop. Some shops are not having any posters in there shop Some shopkeepers need the updated posters to be put on the walls of there shops. Some retailers want the company to start the service as it was in the starting . One of the retailer (Purna general Store) told us to come up with an internet pack whose cost is in between Rs 29 and 98 with less data download .