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Administration and Scoring


• Regards face
– Administrator
– Place child on his back. Tester
should come face to face within 12
inches of the child

– Scoring: Pass if child actually looks
at tester

• Smiles responsively
• May pass by report (R)
– (A) Smile and talk to the child. Do
not touch him.
– (S) Pass if child smiles back. If this
cannot be seen, ask the parent if
the child smiles without being
• Feeds self cracker
• May pass by report (R)
– (A) Ask parent if the child feeds humself
a cracker or cookie.

– (S) Pass if the parent says the child can
do this. Score “NO” if for some reason
the child has not been allowed to have
a cracker or cookie


• Resists toy pull
– (A) Give child a toy. While he is
playing with it, gently try to pull it
away from him.

– (S) Pass if child pulls back on the
toy. Child should actually resist
having the toy taken away from him.
• Plays ball with examiner
– (A) Roll the ball to the child and try
to get him to roll it or toss it back.

– (S) Pass if child rolls or tosses the
ball back toward the tester.
(Handing the ball to the tester is
not a pass.)

Fine Motor Adaptive