Words in plural only, countable and uncountable with different meaning

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• Plural is a term contrasting with singular. In english, it refers to ,,more than one”

Rules of Plural • In most of the words in plural we just add –s on the end of word for example: • Dog – dogs • Pen.pens .

watches . ss.ch.x.classes  a box – boxes  a watch.Other Plural words • When the words end with the following s.sh. and sometimes o we add on the end of each word –es for example:  a class.

pianos • a photo.Exception !!! • There are some exception with words finish –o which are loan-word and we add just –s : • a piano.photos • a zero.zeros .

day –days • .valleys .ladies • BUT not always. Exceptions are: • .stories • .Plural form with -y • There are some more group of nouns ending in –y we then add – ies like : • .lady.story.valley.

feet .a mouse.a penny.pence • .• There is some words which we make in irregular way like: • .mice • .a woman.men • .women • .a man.a foot.

fish –ryby.ryba. a sheep.Words the same in singular and plural • Another group of nouns has the same word in singular and plural like: • . sheepowce.sarny . deer.a fish. a deersarna.owca.

a species.a fruit.sposób.a means. środek means – sposoby. środki .gatunek species.Some more examples: • • • • • • .owoc fruit.gatunki .owoce .

towary  spectatles.okulary .spodenki  scissors –nożyczki  goods.Plural words only • In english we can also find word which exsist just in plural only like:  trousers – spodnie  jeans.dżinsy  shorts.

Plural only nouns •    Other Plural only nouns are: Suburbs –przedmieścia Congratulations.gratulacje Thanks .

Plural words only • In words which exsist in plural only we can find exsisting word in singular but is not the same word anymore and has different meaning like: glasses and glass. .

Glass Photo by andertho Photo by JG Jones .

Glasses .

Another words • Clothes – ubranie. odzież.rajstopy • earnings.szelki . figi • Wages. ścierka) • tights.zarobki.majtki. płace • braces.zarobki • People. ale cloth ( obrus.ludzie • Knickers.

. Countable nouns can be "counted"...Countable nouns • A noun can be countable and uncountable... two books. they have a singular and plural form .. For example: • A book. • An apple.. three books . two apples. . three apples .

This means they have only a singular form. • For example: • Water • Coffee • Wine • Rice . It also means that they do not take a/an before them.Uncountable nouns • Uncountable nouns cannot be counted.

Countable and uncountable .

– She gave me a box of chocolates. . – Someone threw a stone at me. – There’s a hair in my soup. – Jane’s peeling the potatoes.Countable and uncountable nouns • Some nouns can be either countable and uncountable… • COUNTABLE – Helen baked a cake for her mother.

– I must wash my hair.Countable and uncountable nouns • UNCOUNTABLE – Have some cake. – Is this house built of stone? – Would you like some potato? – I don’t eat chocolate .

– That’s an old painting over there. . – Your children make so much noise. – We heard a loud noise outside.The countable noun is specific. – Is Betty good at painting? – Life isn’t always easy. the uncountable noun is more general • COUNTABLE – Rugby is a sport. • UNCOUNTABLE – I don’t like sport. – He had an interesting life.

. (= A newspaper) • UNCOUNTABLE – I need some paper to write on.Some nouns can be countable or uncountable with different meanings • COUNTABLE – He bought a paper.

.Some nouns can be countable or uncountable with different meanings • COUNTABLE – Would you like a glass of juice? • UNCOUNTABLE – You need to buy a piece of glass for the window.

Some nouns can be countable or uncountable with different meanings • COUNTABLE – Have you got an iron? (for clothes) • UNCOUNTABLE – This chair is made of iron. .

– He switched all the lights on. – There’s more light by the window. . • UNCOUNTABLE – There is no room for you. – He enjoys doing business. – How many times Ann phone? – He runs a small business.Some nouns can be countable or uncountable with different meanings • COUNTABLE – Your room is a mess. – I haven’t got any time to lose.

. please.Words for drink … • UNCOUNTABLE (usually) – Coffee is more expensive than tea. • COUNTABLE (when we are ordering or offering drinks) – Two coffees.

time. advice. news. information. water. • a piece of music.Countable and uncountable • There are uncountable nouns like: jewellery. • a piece of furniture. weather. money. • a sum of money. • But we can make them countable by adding some words like: a bit of information. work. . • a stroke of luck. equipment. luggage. furniture. • a loaf of bread.

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