Buyer Development samples as per recv design spec Range & Own Sample development Program requirement Range selection & Order confirmation Develop patterns Sample Finishing SAMPLE QC Costing & Negotiation Booking planner & Order planner Developments & Approvals .

Fabric Requirement with approved details Arrive consumption Thru CAD or manually Trims & Accessories requirement with approved details Fit Requirement Programming Offer technical details for Purchasing & Planning Better sourcing Approved Measurement Spec Fabric Inspector Better quality with cheaper price and affordable Lead time TESTING Amend pattern & Re fit the sample to achieve Req. spec READY FOR PRODUCTION .

Work order details to Factory Cutting QC Pre Production sample approval P/R Testing Cutting Line layout & Time Study ( SAM Calc ) CMT Rate calculation VAP Line QC Inspectio n QC Sewing Material Purchase Documentation & Endorsement Booking Trimming & Checking Finishing & Packaging Receive LC Final Inspection GOODS READY TO SHIP .


 Forecasting can be described as predicting what the future will look like.PLANNING It’s a psychological process of thinking about the activities required to create a desired goal on some scale. whereas planning predicts what the future should look like.  A plan should be a realistic view of the expectations.  .

As the end we are committed to manufacture & supply garment that meet our customer’s specification. .OBJECTIVE      Production line should not be idle. in time. Offers a benchmark against which actual performance can be measured and reviewed. There is no frequent change over. There should not be over feeding.

TYPES OF PLANNING Forward planning  Backward planning  .

MANIPULATE THE T&A PLAN BASED ON Material & Production Capacity  Man power  Inventory  .

make the revised plan and update the same in fast track system. Need to circulate the T&A planner to the concern dept in daily basis with yesterday update. If any event lapsed from the target plan. Need to submit the weekly progress to planning team manager. .PLANNER ROLES     Planner roll starts from booking form receipt to shipping the goods.

 . which will be earned by experience.  Basic skills of handling details & being clarity in presentation  Practical knowledge on things to make decision.BASIC KNOWLEDGE Basic knowledge about fabric. trims & sewing and there processing lead times.





Barcode tag instructions with retail price Box end label information's. Booking Form – Is the first doc we received from our customer. . 4. 5. it comprise the order quantity details with sizewise ratio break-ups and ship date.EVENTS IN PLANNING   1. Agreed price details with order qty & ship date Care label instruction with ident no & supplier ref. 2. Packing & presentation method’s. PO sheets – Purchase order is a major customer doc for doing business it comprise. 3.

White seal – It’s a initial sample developed by the supplier based on the received buyer’s design spec Black seal – If there any measurement amendments or corrections in the submitted the white seal sample. buyer will open a LC through their banker.    LC form – After signing the po doc. we need to submit the revised sample in the sample fabric quality without VAP called black seal. the lab-dips are made in lab. Buyer’s banker will send the LC to seller’s bank by telex or swift. 2 to 4 lab-dips are made similar to required shade. . Lap-dip – Before proceeding to bulk dyeing.

which is also appd by customer before bulk cutting start date. to ensure the right measurements as per appd spec.       VAP – Value added process like print. FPT & GPT – Fabric pass test & garment pass test. Pilot-run – Before proceeding to bulk production we need to sew 6 samples in each sizes using the in-housed bulk materials. .. zippers etc. embroidery AOP – All over print Trims – Accessories items like buttons. Bulk fabric – As per the customer appd lab-dip we need the process the whole bulk. MCD – Final cut off date to in-house the bulk materials is called Material Cut off Date.

. II. Bulk sewing – Garment production (joining the cutted parts as per specification) Quality Inspection – This dept works independently with freedom of finding & pointing out mistakes. loss. delay in shipment. profit.   I. Bulk cutting – Cutting the bulk fabric as per the appd spec measurements with the best efficiency. These will not worry too much about the cost. III. Their only aim is to control the quality of garments and to make sure that they are up to acceptable level.

air transport. rail transport. sea transport. . Shipping – Means transportation of goods. it includes road transport.  Ironing & packing – Need to Iron & pack the garments as per the customer specifications.

IMPORTANT DATES IN CRITICAL PLANNER Mcd  Cutting start date  Sewing start date  QAC date  .


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