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Final Project Evaluation

By Charlotte, Ellie and Summer

The conventions we used in the opening 2 minutes of our film were Action Cliff-hanger Title of the film Dialogue Character introduction Film company name Music

The novel Frankenstein influenced the idea behind our film

The most successful were the music used, the cliff hanger and action. The music was the best convention because it sets the mood and it changes with the action. I.E when the agents are running the music gets more upbeat to match with the action. We had a variety of music to choose from but we decided to pick a song that was upbeat without being happy.

We thought the cliff hanger worked well because it would cause suspense and make people want to continue watching the film to find out what happens in the story line.

The action was also a good convention in the first two minutes because it causes a dramatic action packed atmosphere which would make people want to continue watching it. A good example of the action is when the agents burst through the door. This leaves the audience in suspense on the edge of their seats and make them want to continue watching it to see what happens.

We could of improved the dialogue in the clip because the people we used spoke quite quietly and there was no expression in their voices so it didnt sound as effective as it could of. We also didnt consider things such as the weather, this made it look bright outside so it didnt cause as much tension as it could of. However, if it was dark outside it wouldve built more tension and made it all more daunting and suited to the film. We could of made them better by having the actors speak more emphasized and we could of filmed it in the night to make it better.

There are many different ways a film can be distributed, these are: -Theatrical distribution in multiplex cinemas -Small scale theatrical distribution in selected art house cinemas -Distribution to a film festival seen by the attendants of the festival -Distribution over YouTube, Vimeo or other free online services -Distribution over television- BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky.. (e.g. Skellig)

We thought that the best way to distribute our film would be to use Theatrical distribution. This is because if it was in the cinema there would be more advertisement and promotion which would bring in more of the public to view it. Also, our film is a typical mainstream horror film which means people who usually like horror films would enjoy it as it is similar to films they already like.