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Akmal Khadjimukhamedov, Moin Akhter, Luckenson Millien Odyssey Team/Class P Participation in Government/Mr.


Why We Are Interested In City Parks?

City parks are made not only to make us healthy, but also to help us build relationships, and learn to respect people of different ethnicity, belief, and culture;

City parks are located all over the Brooklyn, easy to access, and it is easy for everyone to get to city parks;
Any city park may turn into risky park, and we have to deal with it before that happens; Some gang groups have sense of ownership to a city parks, and people cant go there because of its danger, we have to stop it;

Some Crime Statics and Graphs

Over all crime rate (per 1,000 residents) down 27 percent since 1992. According to Time Out New York Magazine in 2009 Brooklyn had 32,379 major crimes.

Brooklyn South

Brooklyn North

Facts That May Cause Crime

In 2009, 11% Brooklynites were unemployed (New York Post, 2010).

Columbia University recorded that in 2011 Brooklyn unemployment rate was 10.81% (City Beats, 2010).

In New York City approximately 39% of high school students cannot graduate (United Way of New York City, 2011).


Get donations from large businesses to improve city parks. People would love to go to city parks that has all comfortability.
Create family events in city parks. Creating family events would attract people from different culture, belief, and ethnicity. Their collaboration in family event activities would help them to build strong and respectful relationships between each other. Put security cameras in each city park. It would help to prevent violence and littering in the city parks, and people will be able to go to city parks without worrying and scaring from something. The can fully enjoy their selves.

Some Volunteering Organizations

Immigrants + parks Collaborative

San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department

New York Cares

City of New York Parks and Recreation


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