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• Makers of Pakistan’s premium Beer Brand. • The murree Brewery produces a wide variety of Beer’s, Liquor’s and non alcoholic products and manufactures juices glass bottles and jars. • Its products are only legally available in Pakistan. • 3 Divisions to carry- Liqour Division, Tops Division & Glass Division. • It has 430 Employees.

About Murree Brewery
• 1885 & 1990 the company established Breweries in Rawalpindi and Quetta. • Tops Food and Beverages a division of the Company was established in 1969 • Two Manufacturing units are located in Rawalpindi and Hattar.

 The Murree Brewery Company ltd, was established in 1860.  Murree Brewery is one of the oldest public companies of the sub-continent.  The Brewery was managed by the family of General Reginald Dyer.  Murree Brewery was also one of the first public companies of the subcontinent and is the oldest continuing industrial enterprise in Pakistan.

Recent Growth

Recent growth cont.

 Although the consumption of alcohol in public is still nominally banned, it is becoming increasingly available in clubs and high-class restaurants  The current CRO Isphanyar Bhandara has announced plans to pursue co-brewing with Fosters, but this is stil in development.



Murree Beers

Non-Alcoholic Products

LISTED Company

The Shares are Listed on the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges.


• During the period, the Company has issued 1,192,843 ordinary share of Rs.10.

Company Management
Mr. M.P. Bhandara Late Chief Executive Fakher-E-Mahmood Technical Manager

Mr. Isphanyar Bhandara Chief Executive

Malik Talat Yaqoob General Manger (Tops Food & Beverages)

M. Javed, General Manager, Murree Brewery Co. Ltd.

Zaka-ud-Din Plant Manager (Murree Glass Division)

Major (R) Sabih-urRehman Special Assistant to Chief Executive

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Directors Report to the ShareHOLDERS

• •

The Directors take pleasure in presenting the six monthly report together with un-audited interim financial information for the six months ended 31st December, 2010. Financial and Operational Performance In the half year ended 31st December, 2010 sales were 21% higher at Rs.1,936 million then the previous corresponding period. This is encouraging and reflects the management success in controlling half year costs and increasing capacity utilization. Key financial indicators as compared to same period last year were. • Gross profit of Rs. 448.3 million higher by 29.69% • Operating profit Rs.279 million higher by 34.78% • Profit before tax Rs.301 million higher by 38.15% • Profit after tax Rs.177.4 million higher by 38.24% • Earning per share Rs.10.24 against Rs.7.41 (increase of 38.20%). The improved financial performance also increased our contributions to the Government exchequer from Rs.499 million to Rs.605 million (an increase of 21.24%). Capital gains and other income increased to Rs.42.5 million from Rs.25.7 million in the previous period.

• • • • • • • • • •

• • •

PERFORMANCE: Liquor: Net turnover increased by 26.20% to Rs.1,002 million from Rs.794 million. Operating profit improved by 29.80% to Rs.257 million from Rs.198 million. Glass: Net turnover of the division increased by 28.50% to Rs.230 million from Rs.179 million. Operating profit of the division improved by 444% to Rs.18.5 million from Rs.Rs.3.4 million. Tops: Net turnover increased by 0.3% to Rs.341 million from Rs.340 million. However, operating profit of the division reduced from Rs.5.6 million to Rs.3.2 million. The company is reviewing marketing strategy and procedures to improve sales and profitability of the division. Future Look Under the current economic situation, Management continues to focus on operational performance through product optimization, price rationalization, market segmentation and reduction in operating costs, and looks to the second half year with cautious optimism The following capital investments were made during the half year. Rupees in million i. Two acres land in Hattar Industrial Estate for Glass division 12.00 ii. Plot in Gujranwala for Tops division 9.90 iii. Shrink wrapping machine for Brewery division 6.19 iv. Machine Link / UPS for Tops division 15.00

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