Studio Blue at the University of Tulsa: An Invitation to Collaborate

Charlie Wood University of Tulsa

Roadmap • What we’ve been doing • Where (we think) we’re going • An invitation to collaborate .

We’ve Been Re-Combining • Innovation – because companies need it • Service – because communities and NFPs need it • Experience – because students need it .



Firms need innovation Researchers interviewed 305 employers. 510 recent graduates and conducted three focus groups with business executives. Hart Research Associates . . • 73% of employers wanted graduates to have the ability to apply knowledge and skills to real-world settings. • 70% wanted graduates to have the ability to be innovative and think creatively.Peter D.

but … .Firms need innovation.


We tell students: “The best ideas focus on people and solve real problems they face” .

Students need experience • Study: 33% of graduating seniors report that they have completed a culminating senior experience. (capstone course. senior project or thesis. comprehensive exam) • Graduating seniors reported a score of 1. (1=never to rarely.74 when asked if they had engaged in a community-based project during their 4 years of college.2010 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) . 4=very often) .

Corporate Projects Community Projects Campus Projects .

Why Studio Blue? • To help students… – – – – Develop their “creative muscle” Gain experience with real-world projects Boost their innovation “Know-How” Add applied knowledge to book knowledge • … and help community and nonprofit organizations .

Pedagogical Approach • John Dewey’s 3 Principles Experience Inquiry Reflection • Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle Experiencing Applying Reflecting Generalizing .

Inspiration . D – Delivering • . C – Creating 3. H – Hearing 2. HCD 1.Implementation .Tackling Community Needs • We employ the “Human-Centered Design” approach developed by IDEO.Ideation .

. students developed several TV PSAs calling for action on the issue of Oklahoma’s high rate of female incarceration .g.e.

Would You Like to Team Up? • TU is launching a new program this Fall: A certificate in Applied Innovation + community service = “The Nova Fellowship” • Would it fit at your campus? .

InNOVAte Video .

FINANCE + SOCIOLOGY Students establish a small seed capital fund similar to that makes micro-loans to people in low-income areas of Tulsa to start promising businesses. FILM + MATH/ BIOLOGY/CHEMISTRY Students create a series of 3-minute videos for Tulsa Public School classrooms showing the value of STEM fields in everyday life.Intentionally interdisciplinary ENGINEERING + ENTREPRENEURSHIP These majors collaborate on design projects for area companies and non-profit organizations (photo: TU’s project for Little Light House).KIVA. .

Please join us! Thank you! Charlie Wood University of Tulsa .

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