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Barrelhouse Mitt Pounding

Free and Easy Applause

• Apollo Theater
o 580 seats
o New York
• Ticket price $1.25
• December 12, 1927
Performers Attending

• Count Basie
• Fats Waller
• Louis Armstrong
• W.C. Handy
• Duke Ellington
Count Basie
Early Life
• Born: Red Bank, New Jersey
o Aug. 21, 1904.
• Father employed as coachman, mother was a baker
and took in laundry to support piano lessons.
• Did not complete junior high school
• Jobs as a youth:
o Operated spotlights for vaudeville shows
o Played piano at silent movies
• Arrived in Harlem in 1924
• Mingled among renowned performers
o Willie “the Lion” Smith and
o James P. Johnson.
• Employed at Leroy's
o Famous Club
o Cut-throat competition
o Met Fats Waller
 Taught Basie to play to organ
• Toured in 1925 to early 1927 with:
o Katie Krippen and Her Kiddies
o Columbia Burlesque
• Famous songs include: One O'Clock Jump and April in
Career (con't)
• Joined Blue Devils
o One of first "big bands"
• Played at Apollo Theator
o Collaborated with Billie Holiday
• Died April 26, 1984 at age 79
Fats Waller
Early Life
• Born: New York, NY
o Thomas Wright Waller
o Aug. 21, 1904.
• Father a preacher
o Learned to play the organ in church
• Father an accomplished violinist
• Taught by the music director of church
• Later took lessons from James P. Johnson
o Famous stride pianist
• Received nickname due to weight of 300lbs
• Played in stride style
o Varied piano key touch
• First published in 1923
• Played at "rent parties"
o Invited a musician to one's home
o Charged admission
o Used profits to pay for rent
• Worked with lyricist Andy Razaf
o Used lively, witty lyrics
• Enjoyed by many famous figures
• Forced to play at Al Capone's birthday party
o Kidnapped, shoved in back of car
o Received thousands of dollars of tips
Career (con't)
• Toured Britain in late 1930's
o Appeared on BBC televison broadcast
 One of first BBC broadcasts
o Recorded songs for EMI while in Britain
o Appeared in film “Stormy Weather” in 1943
• Died on Dec. 15, 1943
o Early death due to excessive drinking and obesity
W. C. Handy

“the Father of Blues”
Early Life

• He was born on November 16, 1873, in
Florence, Alabama.
• He lived in a log cabin
• He displayed a strong interest in music even
though musical instruments were frowned
upon by his church
• After saving up money by doing odd jobs, he
was able to purchase his own guitar, but his
dad made him exchange it for a dictionary and
take up organ lessons
Early Life Cont’d
• As a teenager, he joined a small blues band and
bought a cornet from his friend
• He secretly practiced during all his free time
• He was a great student that graduated near the top
of his class
• While performing at a barbecue in Henderson,
Kentucky, he met Elizabeth Price, and they married
shortly afterwards (on July 19, 1896).
Musical Career

• In August of 1896, he joined the Mahara’s
Minstrels, for $6 a week
• The tour took them throughout the
southwestern states of Texas and
Oklahoma, across the Southeast through
Tennessee and Georgia, and south to
Florida and eventually to Cuba.
• After three years, he and his family moved
to Florence for some much needed rest
Musical Career Cont’d

• In 1903, he received an offer to direct a
black band called the Knights of Pythias in
Clarksdale, Mississippi.
• After six years, he moved to Memphis and
wrote “Memphis Blues” about E. H.
Crump, a man that was running for Mayor
• Started his own publishing business which
flourished throughout the twenties and
Later Life

• His wife died in 1937
• He died on March 28, 1958 of acute
bronchial pneumonia at the age of 84. He
was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery,
Bronx, New York with many notables
attending the funeral service and an
estimated 150,000 people along the
funeral route.
Musical Groups

• Lauzetta Quartet (Florence)
• Mahara’s Minstrels (Chicago)
• Knights of Pythias (Clarksdale)
• Handy Record Company (New York City)
Duke Ellington
Beginning Life
• Born: April 29, 1899 in Washington D.C.
• Parents: Daisy Kennedy Ellington & James
Edward Ellington
o Taught him manners and the power of music
• 1906: Started playing piano at seven
o Wasn’t very intregued
• Schooling: Armstrong Manual Training School
to study commercial art instead of an
academically-oriented school
• 1917: Dropped out of school for a professional
music career
More. . .

• 1918: Married Edna Thompson
• March 11, 1919: His son, Mercer
Kennedy Ellington, was born
• 1923: Left Washington D.C. and moved
to New York
o Encouragement from Fats Waller

• 1917: The Duke’s Serenaders
• 1927: Cotton Club Orchestra (Jungle
Cotton Club
• December 4, 1927: Landed a job here,
one of New York’s premier nightspots
• Located in Harlem at 142nd St. and
Lenox Ave.
• Operated by a gangster, Owney
• Patronized by wealthy whites
• Staffed by blacks
Duke At The Club

• Worked two shows every night, one at
midnight and one at 2am
o Each was two hours
• Became famous through weekly
broadcasting on the radio station WHN

• ‘Call and Response’ technique
• 12-29-1927: “Red Hot Band”
• 12-29-1927: “Doin’ the Frog”
• Played “Jungle Sound” with 15 girl
His Band
• Normally 10 pieces
• Rhythm
o Drums: Sonny Greer
o Piano: Duke
o Bass: Wellman Braud
o Guitar
o Violin
o Banjo: Fred Buy
• Reeds
o Saxophone
o Clarinet
• Brass
o Trombone
o Trumpet
o Tuba
Louis’s Early life

• Louis Armstrong was born on August 4,
1901 in New Orleans.
• Louis grew up in a very poor family.
• Louis learned to play the trumpet at the
age of 12.
• At the age of 17 he was skillful enough to
replace the great King Oliver in the Kid
Ory band.
Armstrong’s rise to fame

• The famous Joe “King” Oliver tutored
Louis on how to play the trumpet.
• In 1922, four years after King Oliver left,
he invited Louis to perform with his band
in Chicago. This was his first big band
• After two years with King Oliver’s band,
Louis went to New York, the Jazz center
of the time.
• Armstrong was a famous musician by
Louis’s achievements

• Louis was widely recognized as the
founding father of jazz.
• He performed an a average of 300
concerts a year.
• He became one of the first great
celebrities of the twentieth century.
• Armstrong was a bandleader, singer,
soloist, film star, and a comedian.
Louis’s personal life

• In 1924, Louis married the pianist Lil
Hardin from King Oliver’s band.
• In 1931, Louis and Lil Armstrong
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